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Wherever you are in the UK & Ireland there is a Lifelites project near you.

We work with the children in all 49 children's hospices: providing equipment that gives them with opportunities to communicate, be creative and to take control. Installing the equipment is just the start of our relationship with these youngsters and the hospice care teams.

Our projects operate on a four year cycle. We provide ongoing tecnichal support and refresher training throughout this time at no cost to the hospice. 

This ongoing support costs just over £7,000 per year, per site. 



Hospice locations

Here are the locations of some of the children’s hospices that we work with across the British Isles, click on any one to find out the address.

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Lifelites at Andy's

We have supported children and staff at this Lincolnshire based children's hospice since 2000, and delivered our fifth package of magical technology in 2018. 

Lifelites at Butterwick House

We donated our latest magical technology package to the Durham-based children's hospice in 2018. Since then, we have provided ongoing maintenance and training so everything remains in working order. We know that every second counts for life-limited and disabled children. 

Lifelites at Claire House Liverpool

We donated the latest technology package in 2018 to Claire House Liverpool. Since then, we have provided technical support and training, because every second counts for life-limited and disabled children.

Lifelites at Derian House

This Lancashire-based children's hospice first received a donation of magical technology from us in 2000 and we delivered the latest package in 2018. Throughout the last 20 years, we have provided free technical maintenance and training for hospice staff.

Lifelites at EACH Milton

We have supported this Cambridgeshire-based children's hospice since 2000 and returned in 2018 to deliver some brand new equipment to the children and young people here. 

Lifelites at Jigsaw

We last visited Jigsaw in 2018 and since then have been provided maintenance and training for hospice staff, all for free. To continue our services and donating magical technology, we need your help. 

Lifelites at Rainbows

We have supported the life-limited and disabled children at Rainbows children's hospice in Leicestershire since 2000. With our donated adaptive technology, these children have been able to talk to their parents, play with their brothers and sisters, and control something themselves.

Lifelites at Robin House

In 2018, the children's hospice Robin House in Scotland received its latest package of magical technology so life-limited and disabled children can communicate, play, and control something for themselves, sometimes for the first time.

Lifelites at Shooting Star

We provided our latest package of technology in 2017 and aim to return with brand-new assistive technology in 2021/22. Can you help us fund this donation? 

Lifelites at The Children's Trust

In 2018, Lifelites donated some brand-new Lifelites technology to The Children's Trust in Surrey so life-limited and disabled children can communicate, play, and control something for themselves.

Lifelites @ Oakwell

Oakwell is one of our newest projects on the Island of Jersey. We delivered a new package of specialist equipment for the children cared for at this site at the beginning of 2020. 

Lifelites at Acorns for the Three Counties

We've been donating technology to the children at this Acorns site in Worcester since 2005, and visited them with a new magical technology package in 2019. 

Lifelites at Brian House

At the beginning of 2020 we have visited the children at Brian House in Lancashire to donate their sixth package of Lifelites technology.

Lifelites at Christopher's

Christopher's has received its sixth new magical technology package in late 2019. We never turn away after our installation but offer free technical support and training whenever needed. Please help us to continue our work.

Lifelites at the Donna Louise Trust

The first time we visited the children at The Donna Louise was back in 2003. In 2019 we delivered their already fifth package for the life-limited and disabled children they care for. 

Lifelites at EACH Ipswich

We provided a brand new technology package to the children at EACH Ipswich or The Tree House in 2019, with training and maintenance throughout the next four years.

Lifelites at EACH The Nook

Following on from our donations for EACH Quidenham, we’ve delivered an amazing new package for the children of the brand new EACH The Nook in late 2019. Througout the next four years, we will continue to train hospice staff and help out with any maintenance for free.

Lifelites at Ellenor

We first visited this hospice in Kent way back in 2002, and have visited them again in 2019 for their fifth magical technology package.  

Lifelites at Forget Me Not

We have visited the children's hospice Forget Me Not in Huddersfield in 2019 to provide them with a brand new technology package.

Lifelites at Haven House

We have been donating life-changing technology to the children at Haven House since 2005. They have received our most up-to-date package in 2019. 

Lifelites at Julia's House

We first visited this children's hospice in Dorset back in 2005, and provided them with a whole new package of life-changing technology in 2019. 

Lifelites at Little Harbour

We have donated a new package of magical technology, hospice staff training and ongoing maintenance for Little Harbour in Cornwall in 2019.

Lifelites at Little Havens

We have installed a brand new package of our award winning technology for the children of Haven House in 2019 and trained the hospice staff so the children can get the best use of it. 

Lifelites at Noah's Ark

We’ve supported Noah’s Ark for some years with packages of portable tech for their hospice at home services. In 2020 we donated a new package of magical technology for their brand new hospice building.

Lifelites at Richard House

In 2019 we donated the fifth package of Lifelites technology to the children at Richard House. 

Lifelites at Tŷ Gobaith

This North Wales children's hospice received its latest magical technology package in 2019 and staff training free of charge in early 2020 so that all children can get the most out of our donated technology.

Lifelites at Little Bridge House

We provided a brilliant new package to this Devonshire children's hospice in 2017. We're still working with them to make sure the care team are confident using the specialist equipment and the children are getting the most out of their package.

Lifelites at Hope House

We last visited the children at Hope House in 2018 to deliver their fifth Lifelites package. Since then we have provided ongoing maintenance and training and we aim to return with a brand-new package in 2022.

Lifelites at Tŷ Hafan

In 2022, we aim to deliver a new assistive technology package for the life-limited and disabled children using the hospice services at Tŷ Hafan. We can only do so with the help of our donors. Please consider supporting Lifelites' work.

Lifelites at Keech Hospice Care

In 2018, we donated our latest package of magical technology to our lovely friends at the children's hospice Keech Hospice Care in Luton. 

Lifelites at Rachel House

The Scottish children's hospice Rachel House received its latest Lifelites-donated package of assistive technology in 2018. We aim to deliver new magical technology in 2022. Please help us make this possible with a one-off or regular donation.

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New projects in 2019

We provide our magical technology to children and young people using every children's hospice service across the British Isles. Every four years we provide a brand new package to each hospice, and this year we hope to donate to the hospices listed below. 

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