Platinum Partners campaign

Our Platinum Partner campaign is looking for people like you to help us raise the funds we need to give more children the chance to engage and interact with the people they love and enjoy the world they live in. 

Thanks to everyone that has already signed up!


Cherry Family Foundation

Edward Gostling Foundation

Kirsh Foundation

Mr Tom Jones

Mr Ziyad Guliyev

Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex

Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey

Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire & Rutland

Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex

Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association (WSMBA)



Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire


Provincial Grand Lodge of the Isle of Man

Sarnia Riduna Lodge

Worshipful Company of Information Technologists


Mr Martyn Davies-Friend

Mr Michael George

Mr Robin Hill

Mr Michael Watts



Heroes for Lifelites

All children need heroes to help them fulfil their unique potential.

Hero status is permanent and is gained from accumulated giving without time limit. All your future donations will count towards increasing levels in our Hero scheme.

*Consul* ---- £250,000+
*Consul* ---- £250,000+

Children with Cancer UK

Edward Gostling Foundation


Khoo Teck Puat UK Foundation


*Prefect* ---- £100,000
*Prefect* ---- £100,000

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons Fund of Benevolence

Jingle Jam

Metropolitan Grand Lodge

Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

The Masonic Charitable Foundation

Thomas Cook Children's Charity

*Senator* ---- £50,000
*Senator* ---- £50,000

Cadogan Charity


Cobtree Charity Trust Ltd

Essex Provincial Charity Fund

Grand Stewards' Lodge Benevolent Fund


Middlesex Province Relief Fund

Monmouthshire Provincial Grand Charity

Peter Harrison Foundation

Provincial Grand Lodge of Isle of Man

Revere Charitable Trust

The late Mr James Lazenby Viggers

Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association

Worshipful Company of Information Technologists


*Ambassador* ---- £25,000
*Ambassador* ---- £25,000


Bo Kirsh Foundation

Childwick Trust

Crerar Hotel Trust

Fullagar Charitable Trust

Lyndal Tree Foundation


Patricia Wright Charitable Trust

P F Charitable Trust

Provincial Grand Charity of Northamptonshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cambridgeshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent

Rosalyn & Nicholas Springer Charitable Trust

Sobell Foundation

Stanley Kalms Foundation

Thomas J Horne Memorial Trust

West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd

Worshipful Company of Butchers

*Tribune* ---- £10,000
*Tribune* ---- £10,000


Barbour Foundation

Berkshire Masonic Charity

Buckinghamshire Building Society

Castle Lodge of Harmony

Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust

Charis Trust

Charities Trust

Cherry Family Foundation

Clothworkers' Company

Cornwall Masonic Benevolent Fund


Diana and Allan Morgenthau Trust

Donald Forrester Trust

DSG International plc

Dudley and Geoffrey Cox Charitable Trust

E D Charitable Trust

Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge

Everyclick Ltd

F B Coales No 4 (Family) Trust

Future Games of London (Ubisoft)

Gerald Gundle Philanthropic Trust

Grand Masters Charity Fund of Cumberland and Westmorland

Grange Farm Centre Trust

Grey Court Trust

Hobson Charity

Humble Bundle

Isabel Blackman Foundation

Jacqueline and Michael Gee Charitable Trust

Jane Hodge Foundation

John Coates Charitable Trust

John F Mortimer Fund

Lady Forester Trust

Leicestershire & Rutland Freemasons' Charity (LRFC)

Lodge of Mercy

Mary Potter Convent Hospital Trust

Metropolitan Masonic Charity

Morrisons Foundation

Mr Marcus Sale

Mr Tom Jones

My Donate

PGL of Hertfordshire Benevolent Fund

Pilkington Charities Fund

Postcode Community Trust

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey

Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex

Shanly Foundation

Sir John Fisher Foundation

St Laurence Lodge

St Michael's & All Saints Charities

Stadium Charitable Trust

Steven Prevezer Charitable Trust

Sunrise Foundation CIO

Surrey Provincial Charity Fund

Susan and Stephen James Charitable Settlement

Vassiliou Charitable Trusts

W O Street Charitable Foundation

Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association

Wilmington Trust SP Services (London) Limited

Wise Music Foundation/Music Sales Charitable Trust

*Centurion* ---- £7,500
*Centurion* ---- £7,500

Brock Charitable Trust

Cable & Wireless Foundation

Elizabethan Lodge

Ellerdale Trust

Essex Mason Trust

Essex Masters Lodge

Halbard Charitable Trust

Hull And East Riding Charitable Trust

Internet Lodge


Lions District 105A

Lodge of Eastern Bon Accord

Marcus Vitruvius Lodge

Margaret Gladys Grimes Charitable Trust

Mr Paul Sully

Price Parry Charitable Trust

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Cumberland and Westmorland

Provincial Grand Lodge of West Wales

Remington Club


Square Enix UK

Sylvia Aitken Charitable Trust

Westminster Amalgamated Charity

*Champion* ---- £5,000
*Champion* ---- £5,000

10x10 Philanthropy Ltd

Albert Hunt Trust

AlFayed Charitable Foundation

Anne Duchess of Westminster's Charity

Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust

Axis Foundation

Benevolent Committee of the Province of Durham

Boadicea Lodge

Casey Trust

Charles & Elsie Sykes Trust

Chobham Golf Club

Cito Lodge

City and University of Cambridge Masonic Charitable Trust

Clare Milne Trust

Claydon Charitable Will Trust

Coward Endowment

D C R Allen Charitable Trust

D M F Ellis Charitable Trust

Elizabeth Rathbone Charity

Englefield Charitable Trust

EOL IT Services

Freemasons Charity of Yorkshire North and East Riding

Freemasons of Northumberland

Frognal Trust


Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland

Harford Charitable Trust

HM Revenue and Customs

King Arthur Lodge L7134

Launan Charitable Trust

Leeds Convalescent Society

Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust

Lodge of Perfect Light

Lord Austin Charitable Trust

Lynn Foundation

Mandate Lodge

Maria Holland and St Joseph's Charity

Michael & Morven Charitable Foundation

Mr John A Harvey

Needles View Charitable Trust

Pam Lake

Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity

Presidents Club Charitable Trust

Province of Worcestershire Masonic Charity

Provincial Grand Lodge of Bristol

Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex

Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland

Provincial Grand Lodge of West Lancashire

Red Cross of Constantine

Rye Lodge

Sants Charitable Trust

Sarnia Riduna Lodge

Seven Kings Lodge

Shropshire Masonic Charitable Association

Sir Hugh Myddleton Lodge

Sir James Roll Charitable Trust

Skelmersdale Lodge

Surrey for Surrey Fund

Together for Short Lives

True Colours Trust

Welling Round Table

Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths

Worshipful Company of Pewterers

Zurich Community Trust

*Advocate* ---- £2,500
*Advocate* ---- £2,500

Aeronautical Lodge

Andrew Cohen Charitable Trust

Annie Tranmer Charitable Trust

Anthony and Deirdre Montagu Charitable Trust

AS Securities Ltd

Bain Charitable Trust

Barbara A Shuttleworth Memorial Trust

Bee Hive Lodge

Big Give

Bolingbroke Lodge


British Lodge

Burghley Family Trust

Catenarian Lodge

Chapman Charitable Trust

Charles S French Charitable Trust

City & Guilds

Collins Charitable Trust

Cornwall Masonic Charitable Foundation

Coutts Foundation

Cradiden Masonic Lodge

Culra Charitable Trust

Dizzy Rascals

Douglas Turner Trust

Easterford Lodge

Edgar E Lawley Foundation

Edward and Dorothy Cadbury Trust

Edward Harvist Trust Fund

F G Roberts Charitable Trust

Finsbury Archers Lodge

Forbes Charitable Foundation

Forte Charitable Trust

Geoffrey Burton Charitable Trust

Geoffrey Watling Charity

George A Moore Foundation

Gerald and Gail Ronson Family Foundation

Gilander Foundation

Gledswood Charitable Trust

Grace Charitable Trust

Grace Trust

Green Hall Foundation

Grenadiers Lodge

GWD Concept SP Z O O

Hamamelis Trust

Hamilton Wallace Trust

Helianthus Charitable Trust

Help A Capital Child

Herefordshire Masonic Charity Association

Hilda Clarke Memorial Fund

Hilmarnan Charitable Trust

Hornsey Lodge

Hospital Saturday Fund

Investec Wealth and Investment Charitable Trust Fund

Irving Memorial Trust

Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust

John and Francoise Thornton Charitable Trust

Johnson Group Cleaners Charity

Joseph Levy Foundation

King Solomon's Temple Lodge

Lawson Trust CIO

Lodge of Alliance

Lodge of Fortitude & Old Cumberland

Lodge of Good Companions

Lodge of Tranquillity

London Hospital Lodge

Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust

Lord Belstead Charitable Settlement

Lord Faringdon Charitable Trust

Mason Le Page Charitable Trust

Masonic Province of Middlesex Charitable Trust

Mensura Lodge

Merdon Lodge

Miss Jean Alison Carr Deceased Settlement

Miss W E Lawrence 1973 Charitable Settlement - - Now Good Exchange

Mountsfield Lodge

Mr Brian Street

Mr Ewan Gordon

Mr Gregory Kirby

Mr Ivor Macklin

Mr Jeremy Aspden

Mr Noah Barka

Mr Paul Flowerday

Mr Samuel Davies

Mr Tom McCluskey

Mrs Iris Noreen Setchell Charitable Trust

Ms Dell Chouhan

Oldhurst Trust

Orange Tree Trust

Orsett Golf Club

Osterley Lodge

Paul Bassham Charitable Trust

Paynters Stainers Lodge

Pelicam Project Assurance

Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Hertfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales

Provincial Grand Lodge of Oxfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of South Wales

Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire North and East Riding

Provincial Grand Mark Surrey Benevolent Fund

Pye Foundation

Rainford Trust

Responsible Business Exhibition

Rind Foundation

Rosalind Hicks Charitable Trust

Rothley Trust

Rowlands Trust

Royal Union Lodge

Rushbrook Charitable Trust

S M B Trust

Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust

Simon & Philip Cohen Charitable Trust

Simon Gibson Charitable Trust

Springfields Employees' Medical Research & Charity Trust Fund

Stockler Brunton

Taurus Lodge

The Rev Les Fraser

Tuscan Lodge Benevolent Fund

TUUT  Charitable Trust

University of Edinburgh Lodge

Vandervell Foundation

Walker Group - Schoolbraid

Wallace Bell Charitable Trust

Warshaw Family Charitable Trust

Westminster City School

Wixamtree Trust


*Supporter* ---- £1,000
*Supporter* ---- £1,000

Age Partnership Charitable Foundation

Alan Jenkin Memorial Trust

Alchemy Foundation

Alphameric Solutions Ltd

Amanda Lee Charitable Trust

Ammco Trust

Archbishop Abbott Lodge

Ardwick Trust

Aretas Lodge

Ashford Manor Lodge

Astor Foundation

Athlom Lodge

Atlantes Lodge

Aylesford Family Charitable Trust

B-CH 1971 Charitable Trust

Barker-Mill Memorial Charity

Barnard Kenneth Hufton Charity

Basildon Lodge


Bedford Lodge

Belvedere Trust

Bergne-Coupland Charity

Bernays Charitable Trust

Blacksmiths Lodge

Blair Trust

Blake Hall Lodge

Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge

Borough of Finsbury Lodge

Brabners Foundation CIO

Brentford Lodge

Bretton Priory Lodge

Brewin Dolphin Ltd

Bristol Masonic Benevolent Institution

Broyst Foundation

Bryan Lancaster's Trust - Friend's Gift Estate

Burntwood Lodge

C M F Charitable Trust


Cannon Lodge

Capper Chapter

Carnarvon Lodge

Carstar Automotive


Cecil Lodge

Centre Chapter

Charles & Edna Broadhurst Charitable Trust

Charles Shorto Charitable Trust

Chelsea Lodge

Chequered Flag Lodge

Cheshire Freemasons' Charity

Chessington Lodge

Chine Lodge

Chiswick Lodge

Chrimes Family Charitable Trust

Chrissy Roulet

Christine Hall Trust

City & Metropolitan Welfare Charity

City Gate Lodge

City Livery Lodge

Clerestory Lodge

Clifford Charity Oxford

Cohen Family Foundation

Colne Chapter

Commercial Travellers' Lodge

Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust Fund

Con Amore Lodge

Congleton Lodge

Cornwallis East Kent Freemason's Charity

Cornwell Charitable Trust

Coventry and District Charitable Trust

Crest of Mount Edgcumbe Lodge

Cumberland & Westmorland Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund

Cumbria Community Foundation

Daniel's and Houghton's Charity

David Lister Charitable Trust

David Robarts Charitable Trust

Daws Heath Lodge

De La Salle College

Dennis Alan Yardy  Charitable Trust

Denton Charitable Trust


Derajat Lodge

Desmond Foundation

Dixie Rose Findlay Charitable Trust

Dobies Charitable Trust

Dr Richard Johnson

Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund

E F Bulmer Benevolent Fund

Earl of Mornington Lodge

Earlsfield Lodge

East Lancashire Masonic Charity

Eastern Star Lodge

Eccleston Lodge

Edward Thomas Mowle Charitable Trust

Elysian Lodge

Emerton-Christie Charity

Ensix Charitable Trust

Essex Masonic Clay Shooting Association

Ethical Lodge

Europa Point Lodge

Euston Lodge

Evening Star Lodge

Excelsior & Dedication Lodge

F H Hanson Charitable Trust

Fair Oak Lodge

Father Thames Chapter

FDD International Ltd

Felicity Wilde Charitable Trust

Fiona Davidson and Kay Worsnop Friends Trust

For Spirit of Friendship Lodge

Forbes Charitable Trust

Forest Green Lodge

Frances Crabtree Charitable Trust

Fraternity Lodge

Fratres Calami Lodge

Fred Towler Charity Trust

Friendship from Service Lodge

Galinski Charitable Trust

Ganzoni  Charitable Trust

Girdlers' Company Charitable Trust

Gladys Jane Wightwick Charitable Trust

Globe Chapter

Golden Seal Rose Croix Chapter

Goodenough Charitable Trust

Goodwill Lodge

Grimley Charity

Gunnersbury Lodge

Haberdashers' Aske's Lodge

Happy Charitable Trust

Harlowbury Lodge

Harringay Lodge

Harris Family Charitable Trust

Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge

Haven Lodge

Hazel and Leslie Peskin Charitable Trust

Holy Mount Lodge

Hutton Foundation

Imperial Cadet Lodge

Imperial Lodge

Industrial Battery and Charger Services (IBCS)

Ivy Lodge

J Reginald Corah Foundation Fund

James Beattie Charitable Trust

James T Howat Charitable Trust

James Weir Foundation

Jarvis (Harpenden) Charitable Trust

Joan Wilkinson Charitable Trust

John Avins Trust

John Harris Charitable Trust

John Lewis Partnership General Community Fund

John Rayner Charitable Trust

Joseph Fattorini Charitable Trust

Joseph Hopkins Trust

Jubilee Masters Lodge

Julia Mary Wood Charitable Trust

Just Giving

Justin Lodge

K E T Charitable Trust

Keith & Joan Mindelsohn Charitable Trust

Kelmscot Charitable Trust

Kent Lodge

King's Colonials Lodge

Kings Cross Lodge

Kingsway Lodge

Kirby Lodge

Ladies Festival

Lady Hind Trust

Lady Jane Rayne-Lacey

Lechmere Volunteer Lodge

Leicester & Rutland Benevolent Fund

Lewis Ward Trust


Light of Zion Lodge

Lillie Johnson  Charitable Trust

Lingfield Lodge

Linmardon Trust

Lions Club of Osterley

Lloyd's Lodge

Lodge of Bon Accord L4935

Lodge of Brotherly Union

Lodge of Charity

Lodge of Faith

Lodge of Good Intention

Lodge of New Hope

Lodge of Paul's Wharf

Lodge of Protection

Lodge of Proven Fellowship

Lodge of Prudence

Lodge of St James

Lodge of Truth and Honour

Lodge of United Strength

Londesborough Chapter

London Board School Lodge

London First Principals Chapter

London School Board Lodge

London Underground Customer Services

London Welsh Lodge

Loxfield Lodge

Luxborough Lodge

M Foundation

MacDonald Chapter

Macdonald Lodge

Manchester Guardian Society Charitable Trust

Manek Foundation

Marchant Charitable Trust

Market Harborough Building Society

Medlock Charitable Trust

Melton Mowbray Building Society

Mercury Lodge

Metropolitan Grand Lodge and Chapter Golf Society

Metropolitan Grand Stewards Lodge

Meyrick Lodge

Michael and Anna Wix Charitable Trust

Michael Cornish Charitable Trust

Mickel Fund

Middlesex Masters Harrow Lodge

Mill Hill Lodge

Millichope Foundation

Mirianog Trust

Miss J K Stirrup Charity Trust

Miss Jo Torrington Children's Fund

Miss Marjorie E Rouse Charitable Foundation

Miss Pannett Charitable Trust

Misselbrook Trust

Misses Barrie Charitable Trust

Molly Forster Charitable Trust

Monmouthshire Mark Ben Fund

Morden Lodge

Moseley Lodge

Mount Sion Chapter

Mr  Dobie

Mr Alexander Evans

Mr and Mrs J A Pye's Charitable Settlement

Mr Andy Humphreys

Mr Brian Phillips

Mr Colin Serlin

Mr Dale Abercrombie

Mr David Dewitt

Mr David Evison

Mr David Woolf

Mr Denis Raeburn

Mr Geoff Joy

Mr Graham Edwards

Mr John Donoghue

Mr John Whinney

Mr Keith Appleton

Mr Kevin Head

Mr Laurence Berridge

Mr Leslie Stroud

Mr Lou Orsi

Mr Matt Altass

Mr Michael Lester

Mr Mick Barker

Mr Neil Watch

Mr Nigel Gee

Mr Nigel Moran

Mr Oscar Bedford

Mr Paul Beach

Mr Paul Newman

Mr Peter Lawrence

Mr Peter Levy

Mr Philip Jansen

Mr QCT Humberstone

Mr Richard Williams

Mr Robert Verner-Jeffreys

Mr Ronald Salter

Mr Steven Black

Mr Tony Lane

Mrs Caroline Jellyman

Mrs Donna Burnip

Mrs Elizabeth Grace Chadwick Trust

Mrs H R Greene Charitable Settlement

Mrs Hilda Beer Charitable Trust

Mrs Iris Haddon

Mrs Jacqueline Wileman

Mrs L D Rope's Second Charitable Settlement

Mrs Peta Walmisley

Mrs Sarah Clemence

Mrs Sheila Aspden

Ms Andree Rose

Ms Claire Adams

Ms Diane Barnett

Ms Karan Rochford

Ms Patsy Bloom

Ms Simone Enefer-Doy

Mulberry Lodge

Muriel Eanes Charitable Trust

Music Lodge

N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd

N Smith Charitable Settlement

Nagle Family Foundation

Nancy Roberts Charitable Trust

Nathaniel Reyner Trust Fund

National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies

NBC Winner Foundation

New Century Chapter

New Garden Lodge

Nora Ellen Westcott Trust (NEWT Fund)

Norbury Lodge

Nore Lodge

Norman Family Charitable Trust

North London Installed Masters Lodge

North Star Lodge

Northern Polytechnic Lodge

Northumberland Village Homes

Norton Foundation

Oakdale Trust

Ogilvie Charities

Old Bromsgrovian Lodge

Old Foresters' Lodge

Old Harrovian Lodge

Old Kimboltonians' Lodge

Old Tauntonian Lodge

Old Wellingtonian Lodge

Order of Royal & Select Masters Lodge

Order of St John of Jerusalem

P J K Charitable Trust

Pamela Barlow Charitable Trust

Patricia and Donald Shepherd Charitable Trust

Patrick Trust

Paviors Lodge

Peace and Hope Lodge

Pedestal Lodge

Peebles Family Charitable Trust

Pegasus Lodge

Pennington Bequest

Perfect Ashlar Lodge

Peter Courtauld Charitable Trust

PGL Hants and IOW South East Area

Pharsalia Charitable Trust

Pickwick Lodge

Pixiella Trust

Plashett in Hame Lodge

Portrack Charitable Trust

Portus Magnus Lodge

Prison Service Charity Fund

Prittlewell Lodge

Prospect Lodge 7618

Provincial Grand Chapter of Gloucestershire & Herefordshire

Provincial Grand Chapter of Oxfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim

Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cumberland & Westmorland

Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset

Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham

Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Monmouthshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire West Riding

Q Charitable Trust

Queensway Lodge of Paddington

Raine Family Charitable Trust

Rayman Hanbury Charitable Trust

Rest Harrow Trust

Reuben Foundation

Risdene Lodge

Ritchie Charity Trust

Robert Orpwood Blott Settlement

Rochford Hundred Lodge

Roentgen Lodge

Roger Raymond Charitable Trust

Ross Warburton Charitable Trust

Rosslyn Lodge

Rotaract Club of Epsom

Rotary Club of Dunmow

Round Table Lodge

Royal Naval Anti-Aircraft Lodge

Royal Order of Scotland Province of Middlesex Lodge

Royal Sovereign Ladies

Rubin Foundation Charitable Trust

Rugby Bastion Lodge

Rushden LAMS


Saint George's Lodge

Saint John's Lodge

Saint Thomas of Acon Lodge

Salisbury Lodge

Salvus Securus Lodge

Sandford Trust

Sebastian Rathbone Fund

See IT Work


Shakespeare Lodge

Shepherd Group

Sir Francis Burdett Lodge

Sir Walter Raleigh Lodge

Smiths Group PLC

Soloway Charitable Trust

Somerset Masonic Charities

Sompting Lodge

South Surrey Masters

Southampton New Temple Lodge

Spencer Hart Charitable Trust

Sqn Ldr Bob Chevin

St Albans Lodge

St Andrew's Lodge

St George's Lodge

St Hilda's Trust

St John's Lodge

St Jude's Trust

St Margaret's Lodge

St Paul's Column - Hinton Lodge

St Quintin Park Lodge

Staffordshire Masonic Charitable Association

Stanley Cohen Charitable Trust

Star of India Lodge

Steinberg Family Charitable Trust

Street Foundation

Supreme Grand Chapter

Surrey Schools Chapter

Sussex Mark Benevolent Fund

Sussex Masonic Charities

Syder Foundation

Sylken - Kendrick & Sylvia Edwards Charitable Trust


Tamworth Lodge

Technical Lodge

Thalia Lodge

Thistle and Rose Lodge

Thomas Curtis Charitable Trust

Thoresby Charitable Trust

Three Monkies Trust

Thurlow Park Lodge

Tilehouse Trust

Trade Only

Tranquillus Lodge

Tula Trust

Twynham Lodge


UBM Top 40 Awards

United Chapter of Prudence

United Mariners Lodge

Unity Peace & Concord Lodge

Universal Lodge

Utilitas Lodge

Veritas Lodge

Villerica Lodge

W E Dunn Charitable Trust

W P H Charitable Trust

Wanderers' Lodge

Wandle Lodge

Wanstead Lodge

Wantsum Cork Lodge

Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge

Wellfield Lodge

West Lancashire Freemasons Charity

West Norwood Lodge

Westbourne Lodge

White Rose of York and Addeys' Lodge

Widows Sons South East

Wilfred and Elsie Elkes Charitable Fund

William De Warenne Lodge

Wilmcote Charitable Trust

Windrush Lodge

Wivenhoe Masonic Hall Association

Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation

Zurich Community Trust - Glasgow

Zurich Community Trust - Whiteley

Our strategic partners:


Lifelites was conceived in 1999 as a Millennium Project within the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. The project sought to donate networked computers and train staff in every children’s hospice in the British Isles.

Despite launching as an independent charity in 2006, Lifelites remains a proud partner of Freemasons across the country working closely with Provinces to fundraise for packages of technology in local children’s hospices.

We also work alongside MCF at Freemasons Hall, who generously donate HR and finance support and office accommodation. MCF also nominates one third of Lifelites’ Trustees to ensure alignment with Masonic values and to help maintain positive partnerships across Freemasonry.

Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT)

Lifelites was originally born from a concept created by volunteers from the City Livery Company, the WCIT. As well as providing grants for our work, throughout the history of the development of our charity, the Company has continued to provide invaluable pro bono support in the form of help and advice, and in particular as the leading body on our Technical Advisory Panel. We are very grateful to their ongoing commitment to Lifelites.


Lifelites is a charity with gaming and technology at its heart so teaming up with GamesAid is a great fit. GamesAid is the charity arm of the gaming industry supporting small charities to make a difference to disadvantaged children through technology. Lifelites has been the recipient of GamesAid members’ extraordinary generosity – support which has helped to expand and improve our work. We are very grateful to GamesAid and all their members who have helped us to donate our magical technology.


Ever since our inception as a charity, Thinkology has been Lifelites’ website partner, often going the extra mile to produce attention-grabbing visuals. They are generous with their time and advice to ensure that Lifelites stays in step with developments in digital marketing.

How you can get involved

Wherever you are, there is a Lifelites project near you. Employees and colleagues, friends and family are likely to know someone who is benefiting from the work we do. Children's hospices are at the centre of the communities they serve and your business will benefit from being associated with these local initiatives. Get in touch to find out more.

Become a valued partner

Could you become a Lifelites Partner and help Lifelites sustain our work for children using your local children’s hospice?

By committing to fund one of our projects over four years or longer, you will see the impact of your donations for children with life-limited conditions cared for at every children’s hospice service across the British Isles.

Your pledge will help us to ensure that we can give these children the chance to take control, play, create, and communicate, for as long as possible.