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Music Hardware

Music can provide a powerful and profound way for children in hospices to express themselves and connect with the world around them. Music therapy gives children choices and control, and raises self-esteem.

Lifelites has provided a number different music technology devices and packages to hospices, including:

Music Packages

Sound Beam 







 Magical Musical Moments - An Overview of Inclusive and Assistive Tech for Music from Lifelites


Tablet PC's

Tablet PC's are  fully portable and great for taking activities to the user, if sitting at a desk is difficult, and for collaboration and joint working.

Most of the tablet PC's we have provided are running on windows 8, and may come with a powered docking station stand, so you can keep it charged and use with a keyboard and mouse at the desk as well, or on a mobile stand with eyegaze.

Virtual Reality and Games Consoles

We have provided a number of games consoles (Xbox and Playstation) to hospices including most recently VR headsets for young adult and transition hospice services.

Microsoft Xbox

DocumentGetting Started Guide - Xbox oneXbox

DocumentGetting Started Guide - Xbox one Co-pilot    

WeblinkXbox online support and user manuals    


Sony Playstation 4


DocumentGetting Started Guide - PlayStation 4Ps4

WeblinkSony PlayStation 4 online support and user manuals


Sony Playstation 4 Virtual Reality

DocumentGetting Started Guide - PlayStation4 Virtual Reality

Sony VR

DocumentVR Risk Assessment

DocumentGuide to VR Games

DocumentGuide to VR Games (Transition services over 18's)

WeblinkSony Playstation VR online help and support


Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources.

Touchscreen PC

Touchscreen games and programs allow children to learn, play and communicate in intuitive ways and are great for young children, those on the autistic spectrum and those with pervasive developmental challenges. The latest PC's we are supplying are all-in-one desktop PC's with touchscreen, wireless keyboard and mouse, built in webcam and speakers with a Windows 8 operating system.

Specially adapted mice (or mouses)

These devices can help users with motor skill difficulties to use the PC's effectively with a mouse. Browse here for users guides and information on different devices.

Rollerball Mouse

Smart Speakers/Voice Assistants

Voice assistants and smart speakers enable users to interact with web services and other device services such as information, timers, music players, environmental controls etc using hands free voice commands

Google Home



Google Home Smart Speaker

Document Getting Started Guide


Switches can allow users, including those with severe and profound difficulties to use technology to communicate, have fun, learn and take control. Browse this section for resources on the switches Lifelites has provided to hospices.


Wireless Switch

Document Using Switches with Switch Driver and Joycable

DocumentGetting Started Guide - Beamz Switch Box

DocumentGetting started guide - IT multiswitch box


 Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources.




iPad tablets are intuitive by design with touchscreens and visual interfaces. Tablet computers are useful for students with disabilities because some of the applications available for them easily and cheaply replace bulky, expensive older forms of assistive technology. For children with poor fine-motor skills, the touch-screen design is easier to use than a desktop computer with a mouse or a laptop with a touchpad. The screen's size makes the gadget user-friendly for students with vision problems. The machines offer a sense of independence many children, especially those with disabilities, may never have experienced before. The touch screens offer instant gratification for users with limited patience or those who can't understand the connection between a mouse and computer screen.



DocumentGetting started guide 

DocumentSetting up guided access

DocumentGuide to your Lifelites iPad apps

 DocumentGetting started guide iSwitch for iPads

Weblink Switch Control Guide for IOS9

WeblinkOnline help


DocumentiPad Blippar Poster


WeblinkMore information on iPad apps


Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources.

Cameras and camcorders

Cameras and camcorders are excellent tools for a variety of activities and events, from using them for unique and creative activities to keeping records of special moments and memories.





FujiFilm Waterproof Cameras


Weblink   Online support and user guides for FujiFilm Cameras


Go Pro Cameras

Document  Getting Started Guide - Go Pro

Document  Getting Started Guide - Go Pro App 

Document  Go Pro Accessories Guide

VideoQuik by Go Pro the easiest movie maker


 Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources.


Weblink   Online support and user guides for Go Pro Cameras


Other Camcorders and Cameras

WeblinkOnline support and user guides for Panasonic Camcorders


Document  User Manual for FinePix S2000HD Digital Camera




Eyegaze is a peripheral eye tracker that replaces the standard mouse, allowing you to navigate and control a desktop or laptop computer using only your eyes.

These devices can open up a world of fun, communication and control for those users that are unable to use anything other than their eyes to operate the PC.


There are a number of different Eyegaze hardware devices. Please check which device you have and refer to the corrrect resources:


MyGaze 2 Eyegaze

Mygaze Assistive 2 630X420


Document Getting started guide



MyGaze 2 Eyegaze using Grid 3

 Mygaze Assistive 2 630X420

Document Getting started guide - myGaze using Grid 3



Grid 3 Logo FULL COLOUR RGB 1180X678


Document Getting starting manual - Grid 3




Tobii PCEye Go 

Document Getting started guide

Tobi Eyegaze


Weblink Online user manual


 Weblink User Guide (EACH Milton)


Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore


PC Eyeexplore


Document Getting started guide (old software)

Document Getting started guide (updated software 2018)



Weblink Online user manual


DocumentPCEye Explore Blippar poster


Inclusive Technology MyGaze


DocumentUser ManualMygaze


Other useful Links


WeblinkHelp Kidz Learn eyegaze guide

VideoWeb tutorials

Weblink Guide to games and activities

Weblink Inclusive Guidebook for Eye Gaze in the Classroom

Weblink More games for eyegaze from Tobii Dynavox


Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources.

Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is a fantastic sensory learning tool with the capacity to engage people of all ages and abilities. The system projects interactive games and images onto the floor that users can play with and control simply by moving on or over the projected image. 

 Magic Carpet


Document Getting Started Guide

Weblink Sensory Guru website

Video Sensory Guru Video


Document Mobile Magic Carpet Blippar Poster


Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources.

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