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The Tech Trunk - new for 2019

Why is it needed?

The 10,000 children who currently use hospice services represent only one fifth of the children who require palliative care in the British Isles. Across the country, more and more of the children’s hospices we support are creating or expanding Hospice at Home services to provide care for children outside the hospice walls. We know that the technology we donate can be life-changing, so to ensure that the children using these services don’t miss out, we’ve come up with the perfect solution – the Lifelites Tech Trunk!


What's inside?

The Lifelites Tech Trunk is a wheeled case packed full of our portable technologies which Hospice at Home teams can take with them to wherever the child needs care. Each one is bespoke and created to meet the needs of each specific service, but here’s a snapshot of what one might contain:

  • Our iPad bundle with drop-proof case packed full of specialist apps and games
  • A Beamz music player which enables fun music making for all abilities
  • An Eyegaze with a portable stand to play games and communicate as they never thought possible
  • A wireless Virtual Reality headset to help them to escape the confines of their condition into a land of make believe and exploration
  • Switch operated toys for simple fun and games for all abilities.

We also provide special training days and technical support for our Tech Trunk package and - as always – it’s completely free of charge. 



What do the hospice staff think?

We shared our plans with the delegates at our children’s hospice staff conference in March 2019 and they loved it!  Here are just a couple of the reactions:

“This is brilliant – it will open up new opportunities for our children and young people.”

“We’ve been exploring ways we can get the Lifelites tech to even more of our children and this is the perfect solution.

Can you help?

Are you a member of a club or community organisation that can help fundraise for a Tech Trunk to help life-limited and disabled children using hospice services in your area? Or perhaps you could fundraise at work? If you think you can help, please get in touch by emailing or calling 0207 440 4200. 


POD - sensory tent

We are excited to start donating the sensory tent to children's hospices in 2020/21! It's portable, light, and fun. The POD, an instantly inflatable Sensory Tent that comes in a rucksack, offers a safe space for children with all types of special needs. It allows life-limited and disabled children to dive into their own world, be surrounded by seascapes, and listening to stories or music.


Tilt and Touch Table

One of the technologies we hope to deliver for children using hospice services in 2020/21 is the Tilt and Touch Table. This magical technology enables life-limited and disabled children to take part in games, learn, and create something themselves from any angle as it adapts to the children's abilities. 


Interactive Entertainment Hub

Our Interactive Entertainment Hubs are the perfect solution for children in hospices who love gaming, but are unable to use the typical controllers. 



Mobile Magic Carpet

For children whose lives are limited by their conditions, the Mobile Magic Carpet brings the outside world in, transporting them into a world of make believe.



Even for children with the most profound disabilities, the Lifelites Eyegaze gives them the chance to communicate and play – just like other children.



We pack our special iPads with a whole host of apps to enable children with disabilities to communicate, play, be creative and have fun.  


Soundbeam and Beamz

Music is such an important form of expression and it is particularly important for children in children’s hospices who may not be able to speak or move or tell people how they feel. 


Special mice

Our special mice make it possible for children with disabilities to have the rare opportunity to control something for themselves.


Makey Makey

Using a Makey Makey to turn anything that conducts electricity into a mouse helps children of all abilities to join in the fun. 


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