An exciting Christmas target

This year, Lifelites and London Freemasons aim to raise £50,000 to provide the latest innovative technology, so that children and their families are able to make the most of the time they have together. London Freemasons have been longtime supporters of Lifelites helping raise over £275,000 in the past seven years.

“Over 200 London Freemason lodges have supported Lifelites for many years now. London Freemasons recognise that there are children in our society for whom technology is an opportunity to participate in the world around them and build relationships with their families. Lifelites and their children’s hospice partners are doing so much for children with life-limiting conditions and we are delighted to support them.” Sir Michael Snyder, Metropolitan Grand Master of the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London



September also saw the beginning of our yearly celebrations! This year a total of 15 of our children’s hospice partners are due a new package of technology and we are holding an afternoon celebration for each one of them! These events are unique opportunities to share some special moments with our hospice partners,  and most importantly the families and children we support, and fully understand the impact of Lifelites donated technology. 

We are so incredibly grateful to our amazing supporters for joining us.

Follow our vLog series “On the Road with Lifelites” to catch a glimpse of our celebrations across the British Isles!