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Tue 30th Jul 2019 

Disability shouldn’t rule life-limited kids out of gaming, but we need your help to put them back in control. If you work in the video games industry, you can vote for Lifelites to win funding from GamesAid.

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Gaming is a vital lifeline for children in hospices. It’s a chance to play, to have fun and to be in control, regardless of the confines of their condition. It can level the playing field and give them access to a world where their disability is irrelevant.

Gaming has so many benefits for children and young people with disabilities: it can help them develop social skills and make friends with other children, can help relieve isolation and increase confidence. However, too often these children are unable to play the games they love because they don’t have access to the right technology. With your help, we can change this.

We’ve developed the Lifelites’ Interactive Entertainment Hub, which is a portable unit which can go wherever the child is – even if they can’t get out of bed. It includes all the assistive technology a child in a hospice needs to play video games.

If you work in the UK video games industry, or are studying a games related course, you can vote for Lifelites to receive funding from GamesAid, the charity of the UK games industry. To choose Lifelites in the GamesAid vote, all you need to do is sign up and you’ll be emailed a voting card. It’s quick, easy and free! With this extra funding, we can help give children in hospices the control they so desperately want and deserve.  

Voting is open now and will close on Thursday 15th August. For more information, please visit the GamesAid website.

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