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Help children in children’s hospices with terminal illness and disabilities by helping to provide life-enhancing technology.

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We know it's really important for our supporters to see how we measure the impact of what we do and how we make the most of the money and time they donate.

Newsletters (.pdf)

Spring/Summer Newsletter 2017
Spring/Summer Newsletter 2016
Spring/Summer Newsletter 2015
Spring/Summer Newsletter 2014

Annual reviews (.pdf)

Annual Review 2017
Annual Review 2016

Annual Review 2015
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Trustees' Report and Accounts (.pdf)

Trustees' Report and Accounts for Year End 2015/2016
Trustees' Report and Accounts for Year End 2014/2015

Trustees' Report and Accounts for Year End 2013
Trustees' Report and Accounts for Year End 2012
Trustees' Report and Accounts for Year End 2011

You can also find copies of these Report and Accounts on our record at the Charity Commission website. Click here to visit the site. 


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Here's our vision of what we want to achieve and a mission that sets out how we want to achieve it. 


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Our Patrons support our vision, mission and values and give all of their time for free. Their contribution and support is highly valued. 


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