Reuben’s Retreat

Reuben’s Retreat has recently become a Lifelites’ project and will receive its first package on inclusive and assistive technology this year. Learn more about this project and what you can do to help us support the children cared for at Reuben’s!

Reuben’s Retreat is one of Lifelites’ newest project and we will be working with them in the coming year to deliver life-changing tech for the children they support.

The work of Reuben’s Retreat is admirable and has already touched the lives of over 1000 beneficiaries. Started to relieve the distress of families who have suffered the loss of a child or have a child suffering from a complex illness, Reuben’s retreat offers so much more than that and we are so very glad to work with them and the children and family they support.

“To say we are thrilled with the package would be an understatement, we sent our ‘wish list’ of items hoping that we might receive a few of the items recognising that we were not originally included in the current wave of allocated funding. However, to have received everything that we asked for is just completely phenomenal and we are truly overwhelmed by that kindness. We can’t wait to see this equipment being used by our families and the magical memories they will make together. THANK YOU!”

Reuben’s Retreat Staff