Butterwick House

Butterwick House is one of our longest partnerships, having supported them since 2005. This year this project will receive its 6th Lifelites Package.

Butterwick House offers a very warm welcome to babies, children, teenagers and young adults with life-limiting conditions and disabilities and and their families. Butterwick House aims to offer a bright and happy environment where the children and their families can make the most of every moment and Lifelites supports them through the donation of assistive and inclusive technology.

At one of our hospice visits, we met Megan, who loved using the Lifelites switches to play with various games and applications on the touchscreen computers. She has very limited movement, but using the Lifelites technology was able to interact with her family and care team in a way that had been impossible before.

Megan's mum said: "Megan loves the interaction with the staff as they play with the various games and programs which stimulate and interest her. Her favourites are the on screen stories because she is able to use the switch to turn the page. This sounds small, but for her it is so empowering and really builds her confidence."

We are delighted and extremely grateful to receive this cutting-edge equipment from Lifelites, which will help empower children with limited mobility to communicate in a creative and enjoyable way. The Lifelites equipment has enabled the children to work hard on their cognitive ability by motivating them to engage in an activity that they have control over. This has helped with their physical development as they are more inclined to make movements with their hands when they are taking part in a fun activity. All of this would not be possible without your support."

The Children's Trust Staff