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Help us give youngsters in hospices independence - with your help we can get an iPad to each of our projects across the British Isles.

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The charity's registered office is at 26 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BL.  

It is also an independent voluntary organisation registered with the Charity Commission. Charity No.1115655.

The strategic management of the charity is the responsibility of our Board of Trustees which meets at least three times a year. The Board is compiled of experts in law, finance, investment, PR, charity governance and technology.

Day-to-day management of the charity has been delegated to the Chief Executive who also has responsibility for corporate governance, hospice project management, fundraising, media relations and charity management.

Lifelites Management Committee     
Jeremy Aspden, Colin Knight, John Martin, Andrew Ross (Chairman), Christopher White, Paul Withams, Simon Woolf.


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Telephone: 0207 440 4200
26 Great Queen Street
Charity No: 1165791