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Help children in children’s hospices with terminal illness and disabilities by helping to provide life-enhancing technology.

Christmas Roll of Honour - London 2018

In response to an appeal by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, led by Lifelites' Patron Rick Wakeman, we have had many generous donations from Freemasons across the country. These funds, which are continuing to come in, will help Lifelites continue to provide magical technology to life limited and disabled children in hospices. 

Thank you to the following supporters:

Aldwych Lodge

Arcturus Lodge

Argosy Lodge

Atlantes Lodge

Baltic Chapter

Bedford Lodge 

Benefacta Lodge 4049

Blake Hall Lodge

Bolingbroke Lodge

Borough of Finsbury Chapter 

Borough of Finsbury Lodge 

Brecknock Lodge

Brixton Lodge

Brockley Lodge

Builders of the Silent City Lodge

Canterbury Lodge

Castle Bar

Caterarian Lodge

Certa Cito Lodge

Certes Lodge

Cornish Lodge

Chapter Fortitude

Chough Lodge 

City Gate Lodge 

City Guilds Chapter

City of London Installed Masters Lodge

City of London Red Cross Lodge

City Wall Lodge 

Clerkenwell Lodge

Clissold Lodge 

Coborn Lodge

Colin Brookman

Commercial Travellers Lodge

Con Amore Lodge 

Connaught Chapter 

Corium Lodge

Cornish Lodge

Corona Chapter

Covenant Lodge

Crest of Mount Edgecumbe Lodge

Cricklewood Lodge

Dante Lodge 

Drury Lane Lodge

Duke of Connaught Lodge

Earl of Amherst Lodge

Earl of Carnarvon Lodge

Earl of Mornington Chapter

Earl of Mornington Lodge

Earl of Zetland Chapter 

Earlsfield Lodge 

Eastern Star Lodge 

Eastes Lodge

Elthorne and Middlesex Lodge

Elysian Lodge 

Erimus Lodge 

Europa Lodge 

Euston Lodge

Excelsior & Dedication Lodge 

Exonian Lodge

Felicity Lodge

Feltmakers Lodge

Festina Lente Lodge 

Fidelity and Goodwill Lodge

Fidentia et Lutine

Finsbury Archers Lodge

Florence Nightingale Lodge

For Spirit of Friendship Lodge

Fraternity Lodge

Friendship from Serivce Lodge 

Friern Barnet Chapter

Gothic Lodge 

Great City Chapter

Grenadiers Lodge

Hampden Lodge

Hand of Charity Lodge

Holborn Bars Lodge

Horistic Lodge 

Imperial Cadet Lodge

Industry & Perserverence Lodge 

Joppa & United Empire Chapter 

Junior Engineers Lodge 

King David Chapter 

Kingsbourne Chapter

Kingsbourne Lodge 

Kingsway Lodge 

Lamberth Borough Council Lodge

Lapis Magnes Lodge 

Lewis Chapter

Lodge of Brotherly Union 

Lodge of Enterprise

Lodge of Fidelity

Lodge of Good Intentions 

Lodge of King Solomon 

Lodge of Light

Lodge of Perfect Light

Lodge of Protection

Lodge of Proven Fellowship

Lodge of Reunion

Lodge of Tranquility 

Londinium Lodge

London Dorset Lodge

London First Principles Chapter

London Hospital Lodge

London Staffordshire Chapter

London Warwickshire Lodge

London Welsh Lodge 

Lothbury Chapter  

Mahajan Lodge 

Manor of St James's Lodge 

Mayfair Lodge 

Middlesex County Lodge

Mill Hill Lodge

Mount Lebannon Lodge

Mulberry Lodge

National Westminster Lodge

New Garden Lodge 

New Venture Lodge

Nil Sane Labore Lodge 

Norbury Chapter No 4046 Benevolent Fund Account

Northbury Lodge

North Star Lodge

Old Colfeians Lodge of Intruction

Old Dunstonian Lodge

Old Felstedian Lodge 

Old Johnian Lodge

Old Kimboltonians Lodge

Old Oundellian Lodge

Old Tauntonian Lodge

Old Wellingtonian Lodge

Orchestral Chapter 

Orchestral Lodge 

Parachute Regiment Lodge

Parmiterian Lodge

Paternoster Lodge 

Paviors and City Livery Chapter 

Pedestal Lodge

Perfect Ashlar Lodge

Perfectus Lodge

Plashett in Hame Lodge 

Playgoers Lodge

Queensway Lodge of Paddington

Ravensmead Chapter

Red Cross of Constantine 

Richard Eve Lodge

Richard Seal

Roentgen Lodge 

Rosemary Lodge

Round Table Lodge 

Royal and Loyal Lodge

Royal Arthur Lodge 

Royal Edward Lodge

Royal Naval Anti-Aircraft Lodge 

Royal York Chapter of Perserverance

Rye Lodge

Saint Thomas of Acon Lodge 

Sailsbury Lodge

Southgate Chapter Rose Criox

Square Mile Lodge

St George's Lodge 

St Luke's Lodge 

St Olave's Chapter of Royal Arch Masons 

St Paul's Column Chapter

Stilhall Lodge

Sua Tela Tonanti Lodge 

Surrey Schools Chapter

T Square Lodge 

Tamworth Lodge

Taurus Lodge

Temple Chapter at Jerusalem 

Thalia Lodge 

The Circle Lodge

The London Grand Rank Association

Thistle Lodge 

Thornhill Lodge 

Tranquillis Lodge

Trevor Gray

Trinity College Lodge

United Engineers Lodge

United Lodge of Prudent Brethren 

Unity Peace and Concord Lodge 

Venture Adventure Lodge

Veritas Lodge 

Waldeck Lodge

Warrent Officers Lodge

Wellfield Lodge

West Middlesex Chapter 

West Norwood Lodge 

Westminsterian Lodge

White Rose of York 

Yeatman Biggs Lodge 

Thank you so much for your kind support.




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