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Support life-limited and disabled children in hospices by helping us provide life-changing assistive technology.

Continued support from Children with Cancer UK

Lifelites technology helps children and young people in hospices who have a number of different life-limiting conditions and disabilities. Around 10% of children who use these services have cancer. 

Thanks to Children with Cancer UK, the charity fighting childhood cancer, we have been able to support these children by providing technology that they can use to play, be creative, control something for themselves, and communicate. 


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In 2018, the organisation continued its support with an incredibly generous donation of £120,000. 

Sally Blower, from Rainbows hospice for children and young people explained why this support is so vital:

"The special technologies donated by Lifelites enable children with cancer to stay part of their social groups when they are at the hospice and play with their brothers and sisters. The equipment provides a welcome distraction from their situation and an element of escapism, giving them something else to think about. It also allows the children to be creative using the programs and online resources.

"It is fun but also informative – with it often used to gain knowledge about their condition or things in general which they are interested in. Very importantly, it means they can communicate with others if their speech is affected. This means they can stay involved in the world around them for as long as possible."

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One of the children who benefits from this technology is Heavenly. Heavenly was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just six years old. She is now clear of cancer, but during the operation to remove the tumour she suffered a stroke which has left her with severe disabilities. Her mum Kelly explained why the iPads donated by Lifelites are so important to Heavenly:

"The iPad has made such a difference to Heavenly’s life. I could go on forever about how important this tech is to her; the whole family can use it communicate and play with her.

“Heavenly is unable to speak, and over the years she has used a range of different communication tools but once she started using the iPad suddenly she was a completely different child. It's given her a voice, one she so desperately wanted and deserved."

Thank you so much to everyone at Children with Cancer UK. Their continued support helps us change the lives of these children. 


Christmas Roll of Honour - London 2019

In response to an appeal by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, led by Lifelites' Patron Rick Wakeman, we have had many generous donations from Freemasons across London lodges. These funds, which are continuing to come in, will help Lifelites continue to provide magical technology to life limited and disabled children in hospices. 





Capco owners of iconic London venues Covent Garden and Olympia are supporting Lifelites.


Lifelites and Enable Gaming

We are working with the games industry to get children in hospices gaming. You can get involved.



Work in the games industry? We need you!


T3 magazine

T3 – the UK’s leading printed and online gadget magazine announced their new 'Life’s Better with T3' charity initiative in 2015 and chose Lifelites as the beneficiary. 


The Information Technologists' Company

Lifelites was originally born from a concept created by volunteers from the City Livery Company, the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.


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