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The children at Acorns Children’s Hospice in Walsall got a very exciting delivery last week – a brand new package of Lifelites technology worth £50,000 for free!

The package included cutting edge, assistive technology that the children and young people will be able to use to play, be creative, control something for themselves and communicate, regardless of their disabilities.


This delivery is just one of many that Lifelites will be making over the next few months. Here’s what some of the staff at Acorns had to say about their new technology:

Jackie Griffiths, Head Nurse said: "We have the ability to concentrate on the children, the happy times and the making memories, and their activities. It's not just about their nursing needs, it's about the bigger picture, and I think that's what Lifelites is assisting us to do."

Chris Reed, Head of Care at Acorns in Selly Oak said: “You can see the enjoyment that the children get from participating in a lot of things that we do in the hospice, whether that's play, activities, homework, any interaction is really really important. So things like the Eyegaze, for people who have limited cognitive ability or verbal communicative ability, to be able to participate in things, and for them to realise when they first try and use that they're in control, they're the ones who can actually define what they want to do.

"I've seen the looks on some families faces when they see their children use those things, usually it's delight, sometimes it's surprise that they didn't realise that their child was trying to communicate in that way, to me that is of major importance.”

David Chamberlain, Press Officer at Acorns said: “To many people there's perhaps a perception that hospices are sad and sombre places, but the reality is very different. There’s a significant emphasis on therapy and education and helping children fulfil their potential, and communicate. The equipment from Lifelites helps children to do those things and is really beneficial for them, whatever their abilities may be."

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