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University students showcase their accessible video games to Lifelites and hospice staff

Fri 17th Mar 2017 

As part of Lifelites’ Enable Gaming project, students from the London South Bank University Games Cultures course showcased their specially created video games to staff at Demelza South East London Children’s Hospice.

The games, which the students have created as part of their degree course, are designed to be accessible for children and young people with disabilities.

At the showcase event, the students obtained feedback from Lifelites representatives and hospice staff who were able to give tips based on their real life experience with children with multiple disabilities.


Having accessible games for children with disabilities is crucial. Many of these children are excluded from so many activities other children take for granted, so it is important to have games available they can use for themselves.

Course leader at the university Dr Siobhan Thomas said: “This project is amazing on so many fronts. They’re under pressure to deliver quality games and they know what they’re doing has real-life consequences. It really has the power to change the lives of children with disabilities, and we are hoping to work with Lifelites to eventually get the games introduced into hospices.”

Chief Executive of Lifelites, Simone Enefer-Doy, said: “We started this project in 2013 and every year we are amazed with what the students show us. Naturally, accessibility isn’t often at the forefront of a game developer’s mind so it’s been really interesting to see the ways in which these students have used it as a launch-pad for some really fantastic ideas. The games which this year’s students have created are of an exceptionally high standard and we can’t wait see how they progress.”

For more information about the project, please visit the Lifelites website or contact the team on 0207 440 4200 or


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