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Hospice blog: Creating a Lifelites Learning Community

Mon 18th Aug 2014 

Caroline Thumb Post by Caroline Powell

Working in the field of technology is a constant learning experience, partly from the speed of the technological advancements, with new equipment and programs being developed and released all the time, but also and more interesting is learning how the technology can be and is being used.

This learning, more often than not comes not from technical experts or the manufacturers, but from the day to day users of the equipment and it is a joy and a pleasure for me and for Lifelites to hear about and learn every day about the fantastic, imaginative and creative uses children in the hospices and the hospice staff make of the Lifelites technology.

An important part of my role, as Training Manager, therefore is to ensure that hospice staff and the children and young people in their care, benefit from this learning and knowledge that comes from both the technical experts and manufacturers and from other users. To help facilitate this we are working on some exciting projects that you can expect to see and hear more about later this year:

Online Learning Resource Library – A library of user guides, tutorials, help sheets, videos, activities and ideas to help you get the most from the Lifelites equipment.

Volunteer Trainers – We are planning a number of events and activities to recruit and train volunteer trainers and develop training scripts, activities and exercises for them so that they can support ongoing training and learning for hospice staff across the country.

Hospice Staff Lifelites Forum – An online community where hospice staff can share ideas, discuss the use of the Lifelites Technology and ask questions to colleagues in other children’s hospices.

So keep your eyes peeled out for more information on these developments and if you have any ideas, feedback or would like to get involved then drop me a line at


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