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Staff magical moments: Daniel

Fri 21st Jun 2019 

Throughout this week we have been kicking off our 20th birthday celebrations by asking our staff about their favourite Lifelites moments. To finish the week, we thought we’d chat to the newest member of our team.

Daniel Brand joined Lifelites in April this year, but we have worked with him for many years. Before he came on board, Daniel worked at a children’s hospice, using our technology with many of the children he cared for.

When speaking about his previous role, he said:  “The technology that Lifelites donates comes with a hefty price tag and is something that most families can’t afford. If they can, or have managed to secure the funds from an organisation or through crowdfunding, they want to make sure it works for their child before they buy it, and this is one of the great things about the portability of the Lifelites tech is that we can take it to them. I was asked to accompany the community team on one visit they had planned. During a previous visit they had spoken to the family about the Eyegaze and they really wanted to give it a go. We set it up in the living room and he engaged with the colours and sounds right away. They were a very creative family and all of the art on the walls was their own. The child created a painting using his eyes with one of the apps, and then when we got back to the hospice we had it printed and sent to them. Next time the team visited, the child’s artwork was hanging up proudly alongside the rest of the family’s artwork.”

Samuel Eyegaze June 2016 1

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