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Staff magical moments: Caroline

Mon 17th Jun 2019 

This week we are revisiting some of our staff's favourite Lifelites moments, in celebration of our 20th birthday and Children's Hospice Week. To kick off, we spoke to our training manager Caroline, who’s been with us since 2014. Before Caroline started at Lifelites, we outsourced all of our training to an external company. We now have three staff on the training team, and a technical support team.

Caroline said: “I’ve seen huge developments in technology since I started at Lifelites, particularly when it comes to gaming, and the impact this can have on young people is astounding. In 2014 we met an 11 year old who was a really enthusiastic gamer. He had an incurable brain tumour, which had caused paralysis on his left side, impaired vision, loss of speech, and he also had multiple seizures a day. His diagnosis was unclear and all his parents could do was make his life as comfortable as possible. At this particular training session we had brought along a big touchscreen computer, which he took to immediately. He could use it independently and it gave him a form of control he didn’t usually have. It was wonderful to see him enjoying the games on it so much, it really helped to calm him down.


"This year we visited the same hospice we were absolutely over the moon to see him again. His condition has deteriorated and he uses a wheelchair now, but he was still able to use some of our technology. We set him up with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and some switches so that he could play a racing game. He was literally shrieking with laughter and enjoyment playing it and interacting with his carers. It was such a joy to watch and to see the care teams realisation that mainstream gaming was now an activity that was available and accessible to so many of the children and young people that they care for regardless of their cognitive or physical  impairments.”

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