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September's Magical Moments

Mon 27th Sep 2021 

Magical Donations

We’ve been busy here at Lifelites donating brand new packages of magical technology to the children using Rebecca House Children's Hospice and Naomi House & Jacksplace. 

They both received exciting new technologies including iPads, POD sensory tent, and the Tilt Table – the newest addition to Lifelites donated tech.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have continued to hold virtual celebrations with the hospices and donors. Take a look at the Rebecca House celebration here.

We still have many more children’s hospices we hope to donate brand new packages of life-changing technology to over the next year. Read more about the other hospices we hope to donate to here and find out how you can help make this possible.

Magical Gaming

A few months ago we launched Lifelites Game Time 2021, a brand new and exciting fundraising challenge for our avid gamer and tech savvy fans. At the beginning of September, the event launched and we had so many amazing supporters take part. From game specific challenges to a massive 24 hour marathon stream, our supporters went the extra mile to help raise money for Lifelites so life-limited and disabled children can have access to life-changing technology including assistive gaming equipment.

We raised an incredible £6,700! We’re so grateful for everyone that took part and everyone that donated.

The launch weekend of the event may now be over, but it isn’t too late to take part. You can still sign up and take on your own gaming challenge. Not a huge video game player? Why not host a board game night for friends and family? Any kind of game challenge is welcome here. Find out more info about the event here.


Magical Awareness

Did you know September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? So many of the amazing children's hospices we donate magical technology to, care for children with cancer. We're incredibly proud to help support them. You can help us by donating here. 



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