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October Magical Moments

Thu 5th Nov 2020 

Magical Benefactors 

We have a new Lifelites Benefactor page that we are excited to share with you and really hope you'll consider signing up. Perhaps you're working from home more often these days and forgoing your usual commuter coffee? For the price of 1 coffee a week, you can help us continue to provide assistive technology for life-limited and disabled children in hospice care, you'll also be helping us to maintain the equipment, and provide the training needed for hospice staff to get the most out of the tech. 

Interested to find out more? Take a look on our website here.

Magical Supporters

This month kicked off with supporters taking part in the virtual London Marathon 2020, which inspired a hoard of fundraisers to sign up for the 2021 London Marathon. So, we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone for taking on the epic challenge. You are amazing! 

We'd also like to say a big thank you to the Hertfordshire Mark Master Masons  who've donated a magical £3,750 towards an Eyegaze. Eyegaze will be enjoyed by children such as Lex at the North London children’s hospice Noah’s Ark. Lex has a degenerative, neuromuscular genetic disease which makes it difficult for him to talk, but Eyegaze will allow him to communicate with his friends and family and be creative with his favourite colours. Lex is an incredibly sociable little kid, his parents can't wait to be able to talk more with their little boy!


Congratulations to George for winning the "Pimp my Swan" Halloween competition, he smashed it out the park with his vampire swan creation. We're incredibly grateful that George has picked Lifelites as his nominated charity to help life-limited and disabled children to be creative too. George, you are a star! 

Many thanks to the Surrey Masons for enabling us to donate adapted iPads to Christophers Shooting Stars children's hospice in Guildford. It's truly life-changing to connect life-limited and disabled children in times of increased isolation.

Finally, another big thank you to all the Masons of London for choosing to support Lifelites via the Rick Wakeman Christmas Appeal. 

As you can see, our supporters have been absolutely magical this month. The way we see it, the more the merrier! Do you have contacts you think may be interested in donating? Why not join our 'Who's your friend?' campaign and introduce them to learn more about how we make the impossible possible for life-limited children. 

Magical Service 

We updated our services! If you work for a children's hospice in the British Isles, you'll probably have Lifelites assistive technology on hand. Children's hospice services can now access our free training sessions remotely. If you have members of staff who would feel more confident using our magical tech with a little additional training, please get in touch by emailing our trainer Dan at 

Magical Awareness Week 

We celebrated Hospice Care Week by thanking all the children's hospice staff for the incredible work that they do. Hospice staff go above and beyond to give life-limited and disabled children the love, care and attention they deserve. 

Magical Technology 

In case you missed it, we're really excited to be donating the portable sensory tent by Podsplay to children's hospice services this year. It’s perfect as they develop their services, taking their care into the children’s own homes. As a child, did you ever build a fort? We did! Well, this tent is exactly like that but so much better. The tent welcomes children with all kinds of needs so that every child has the chance to escape into their own world and aid in relaxation. It's a truly magical invention and we know that the children we support will love it. 



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