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November's magical moments

Tue 3rd Dec 2019 

Magical Installations 

Acorns Training

November was another busy month for Lifelites. We installed a new package of magical technology to Forget Me Not children's hospice in West Yorkshire. Katherine, our trainer based in the north had a great time delivering the essential training needed for hospice staff to operate the donated equipment. Their package included pieces such as the Eyegaze, which allows life-limited children to communicate using eye movements alone!

We also celebrated the installation of a new magical technology package for Haven House children's hospice in Woodford. A big thank you to the ⁦Mark Benevolent Fund, Essex Masons, Grange farm, GamesAid and Microsoft UK for their support in making magical moments happen for life limited and disabled children. 

We also visited Julia's House in Dorset and Wiltshire where we had a wonderful time celebrating the arrival of a new package of life-changing technology to the life-limited and disabled children who live there.

We had a fab day installing equipment and teaching hospice staff at Acorns hospice on how to use their new package of magical technology. We were able to donate thanks to our friends representing the Mark Benevolent Fund, Mark Masons of Gloucester, Worcestershire, Warwickshire Mark Masons and Herefordshire freemasons. A big thank you for your continued support, without you our work would not be possible.

Magical donations 

Air Menzies

Air Menzies staff held a baking fundraiser at Manchester, Heathrow and Gatwick airport and raised a fantastic £1,533.57 of which they kindly donated half of to Lifeltes. A big thank you to everyone at Air Menzies for choosing to support Lifelites, we hope you all had a fun time raising money for us. The funds you have raised will play a huge part in making life limited and disabled children smile across the British Isle smile, helping them to escape the confines of their conditions. There couldn't be a more perfect present to give in the run up to Christmas. 

Magical supporters 

Jersey Freemasons

We had a fun drop-in from long term supporters, Chris and Richard from Jersey Masons, who had a go flying over Paris in Virtual Reality and testing out our special iPads packed with apps that will give life limited children using every children's hospice service across the British Isles a chance to escape the confines of their conditions. Thanks for dropping by Chris and Richard, we had a great time! 

Magical Lord Mayors Show 

Lord Mayors Show

We had great fun taking part in the Lord Mayors Show. Lifelites Sam and trustee Paul Withams did a sterling job of raising the profile of our work, high-fiving and waving at the crowds. A huge thank you to London for being an incredibly inclusive, warm and spirited city and an even bigger thank you to Met Grand Lodge for inviting us to take part. 


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