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November Magical Moments

Wed 2nd Dec 2020 

Magical Giving Tuesday 

We've been taking part in the Giving Tuesday 2020 campaign and wanted to shine a spotlight on the dedicated Lifelites community who give their voice, time, money and much more to support life limited and disabled children to play and control something for themselves thanks to assistive technology that we donate. The organisers of Giving Tuesday believe that 'everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts'. And this couldn't be truer of our wonderful community. Our community is made up of patrons, benefactors, fundraisers, long term supporters, volunteers and admirably even children. When we asked 8 year old Faith, why she supports lifelites she said  'because poorly children should be able to play too'. So, let's take some inspiration from Faith and give in whatever way we can. If you'd like to donate, please click here. If you'd like to support us in another way, we'd love to hear from you too!  

Untitled Design (7)

Magical Supporters

We took a moment to celebrate the incredible support that we've received from the Warwickshire Freemasons, who over the last few years have donated a magical £35,000. We're so glad to count the Warwickshire Freemasons as our friends. Together we've been able to do incredible things for life-limited and disabled children. Thank you! 

We also said a big thank you to John Donoghue for becoming a Lifelites gold benefactor. John's daughter became very unwell and needed a kidney transplant. It was through the unimaginable challenges that his daughter and family have experienced that led him to support Lifelites. By joining our community and becoming a Lifelites gold benefactor, John is helping other children and their families, who find themselves facing unimaginable challenges too. If you'd like to read more about John's story, click here and if you'd like to become a Lifelites Benefector click here

Magical Children's Hospice 

We had so much fun visiting children's hospice EACH the Nook in Norfolk to donate magical assistive technology. We were only able to make this donation thanks to the generous support of the Morrisons foundation, Postcode Lottery, PGL Norfolk, Lord Belstead Charitable Settlement, Rising Star Lodge and Geoffrey Watling Charity. This is such a magical example of what can be achieved when we work together to provide assistive technology for the life-limited and disabled children that need it. 

EACH The Nook _installation 2020

We visited Little Havens children's hospice in Essex to get our donated inclusive gaming equipment up and running again. We also visited Zoe's Place in Coventry to maintain some of the tech there too! We know that every moment counts for life-limited and disabled children and their families, that's why we provide a free maintenance service for all our donated technology. If you have some of our donated tech that could do with updating, please get in touch, we'd love to help you.  

Magical Training 

Our Lifelites trainer, Dan, delivered a free magical online training session for children's hospice staff at Zoe's Place Liverpool. We love to help hospice staff to feel more confident in using the technology that we donate, that way they can help create as many magical moments as possible for the children that they care for. So, if you work at a children's hospice and feel like you and your team would benefit from some refresher training please get in touch right away. 

20 - Online Top -up Training _Zoe 's Place Liverpool

Magical Awareness Days 

As a small charity, we rely on kind and generous people to help us provide children in hospice care with magical technology so they can communicate, play and control something themselves. So, we marked World Kindness Day by saying thank you to all of our kind supporters who help make this happen!

2-Luca On Mobile Magic Carpet _Acorns Birmingham 


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