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Mon 21st May 2018 

Life's short, so this Children's Hospice Week we're focusing on the moments that matter. 

We all want to make the most of our time, but this is especially true for children in hospices and their families. They don't want to waste a single minute. 

We're joining the charity Together for Short Lives in their Children's Hospice Week campaign and speaking to families and children's hospice staff to see what their magical moments are, and how Lifelites technology helped make them possible. 


 Scarlett 1

Four year old Scarlett was born with a genetic condition which left her with visual and hearing impairment, epilepsy, limited mobility and kidney problems. She also needed heart surgery aged just one.

She has visited Tŷ Hafan children’s hospice in Wales with her family since she was one. The hospice recently received their latest donation of technology from Lifelites, which included an Eyegaze, an in incredible piece of technology which means Scarlett can use a computer just with her eye movement.

Her mum Claire said: “Scarlett recently started using the Eyegaze and she loves it, it enables her to both play games and draw. Seeing her concentration when she was using it for the first time was such a special moment and very emotional for us. She created a lovely piece of art which I know we will treasure forever.”

Scarlett 3

Lily Mae

Lily Mae is five years old and has visited Helen and Douglas House for around a year now. She has a long term, life-limiting condition called Retts Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which affects brain development. 

Lifelites visited Helen and Douglas House in January 2018 to donate thousands of pounds worth of brand new assistive technology to the children. Included in this package were a number of switches (read more here) which are Lily Mae's favourite. 

She loves using the switch toys when she visits the hospice, which she is able to control herself by tapping a Lifelites switch. They help to give Lily Mae independence, which is crucial. Lily Mae's mum said: "The toy is amazing! It's great that it lights up and vibrates, she had so much fun playing with it. I'm so glad she had an opportunity to use it."

Lily Mae

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