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May's Magical Moments

Thu 4th Jun 2020 

Magical Conference 

The UK's leading publication for the voluntary and not-for-profit sector, Third Sector, held a virtual conference and kindly invited our CEO Simone Enefer-Doy to deliver a talk about innovative fundraising to an audience of over 800 people. We'd like to say a big thank you to the Third Sector for giving us the opportunity to speak and for hosting such a fantastic event.

Social Media _Third Sector _Simone Enefer -Doy

Magical Awareness   

Sharing stories can be a powerful thing; in our similarities we can find comfort and, in our differences, we can find understanding. That's why we celebrated the magical Share A Story Month! We talked about Madison who has Down syndrome, chronic lung disease and has had open heart surgery, who absolutely loves playing with the bubbles on the Magic Carpet.

We also shared the story of 14 year old Joshua, who has Galloway-Mowat syndrome, a rare gentic disorder that limits his mobility and makes it difficult for him to speak but with the adaptive iPad he can control something for himself which helps him to relieve stress and improve his wellbeing.

And we told the story of Troy, who has a genetic neuromuscular disorder that limits his mobility. He kindly wanted to make some oreo cakes for his family and thanks to our assistive technology, he was able to do so by relaying the baking steps to his carer. 

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We took part in raising awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week! As a charity that supports disabled and life-limited children, we understand that the lives of these children are much more stressful and challenging than they should be. That's why we donate magical packages of assistive technology to all children's hospice services across the British Isles, to give these children the chance to escape the confines of their conditions, to play, to relieve stress and enhance their overall wellbeing. Mental health is so important and we couldn't be prouder to play our part in helping disabled and life-limited children to smile. 

We also took part in International Nurses Week to thank all the magical nurses who are currently risking their lives to help care for and save others. We are in complete awe and absolutely look forward to working with you in children's hospices again soon. 

It was also Dying Matters Awareness Week, as a charity that helps life-limited children we are all too aware of the unbelievable pain felt by the families who lose a child. People grieve in many ways and it's really important that they are supported. We took the opportunity to raise awareness of how our magical technology can play a vital role in helping the siblings of children who's passed away to process and cope with their loss.  

Magical supporters 

This month, we felt the generosity and kindness of our magical supporters whose donations help to create magical moments for disabled and life-limited children across the British Isles. We'd like to say a big thank you to the Surrey Freemasons, the Stanford-le-Hope Lodge in Essex and the Cornwall Masons for their donations. We'd also like to thank the West Kent Masons who launched an emergency fund for Covid-19 related initiatives and picked Lifelites as one of their chosen charities. We'd also like to thank the Postcode Lottery for awarding us a very generous grant that will go a long way to improving the lives of life-limited and disabled children across the British Isles. 

Magical fundraisers 

We encouraged our supporters to continue to take part in the world's biggest games day! Thousands of disabled and life-limited children are unable to run and jump with their friends, so we're calling on our magical supporters to play games, have some fun and raise money, so that these children get the chance to play, communicate and control something for themselves too. For your free games day pack click here.  

We're all still facing the challenges that comes with the Covid-19 pandemic, and while the lockdown is set to be eased a little, we're still a while away from normalcy. We wanted to remind our supporters that isolation is incredibly hard, especially for the thousands of disabled and life-limited children that battle isolation every single day and depend on our magical technology to escape the confines of their conditions. If you'd like to donate, you can do so directly into our bank account by clicking here or email Amy Buddle ( for our bank details.

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