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Lifelites spreading their magic for children at Surrey Children’s Hospice

Lifelites has spread its magic again delivering a brand new package of specialist technology for the children at Christopher’s – Shooting Star Chase’s Surrey-based hospice - for the fourth time.

Their latest package includes a number of magical items including Lifelites special iPads with apps that give the children the opportunity to join in with creative activities and express themselves through music and painting.  One staff member said that: “It’s nice having a child’s voice on the ProLoQuo2Go app - We have a two year old who can’t read or speak and so if she wanted to tell us something she could use this through choosing pictures.”

The Magic Carpet brings the outside world to children by giving them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have –like splashing in the sea, flying a plane or playing football with their brothers and sisters,- irrespective of their disabilities.  The Eyegaze means children can tell their carers what they would like and can even, for the first time, tell their parents that they love them allowing them to stay involved in the world around them for as long as it is possible.

Geraldine Sheedy, Head of Care at Christopher’s, said: “The technology provided by Lifelites will make such a huge difference to the work we do at the hospice. The equipment is used in a lot of schools so we are now able to continue communication with children in a way they’re used to.”

Sue, an Occupational Therapist at the hospice said: “The training has got us all really excited about the different possibilities we can explore to maximise the potential and experiences for the children who come here. Whether it’s for our sensory days, sibling’s days or if they are in house – it’s so versatile and you can use it with such a range which is great. We’ll make sure it’s being used as much as possible and we can’t wait to get started!”


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