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At the training day at Ellenor members of the care team were all amazed by the cutting edge equipment that will empower young people they care for, who have life-limiting, life-threatening and complex healthcare needs, to play, to communicate, to be creative and to control something for themselves for as long as they have left to live.

Care team members at Ellenor had a great day in training with Lifelites on a number of magical items including: Touchscreen PC’s, Switches, games and applications, MakeyMakey, the mobile Magic Carpet and six specialist iPads.

The portability of the specialist iPad packages with the protective grip case means that care staff can take them to work with the children in their own homes.  Shirley, one of the youth workers in training said: “One young lads mum has had to replace his iPad case several times because he’s drops it so often so this would be really good for him.”

Children have access to lots of games, music programmes and stories, and a communication app that enables them to ‘speak’ to their families and carers – often for the first time allowing the children to be creative and express themselves.

Tina Humphreys respite coordinator said: “it's great that with the communications app, staff can change the voice to suit the user for example if the child is a girl or boy, they can relate to it more. If the young person is an 18 year old boy they don’t want to sound like little Rosie haha."  

The mobile Magic Carpet brings the outside world in, by giving children opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have –they can splash in the sea, fly a plane or play football with their siblings, irrespective of their disabilities

Sharon Loughnane, mum of Thomas and Conor who both have heart conditions attended the celebration and was overjoyed when she saw her boys playing football on the Magic Carpet. She said: “Thomas and Conor are  restricted by their heart conditions which means they can’t run around as much as other children and be as active so, having equipment like the Magic Carpet gives them a chance to do normal things like playing football without fear of them overdoing it.”  

Jacquie Hackett Director of Patient Care at Ellenor thanked Lifelites for the donation.  She went on to say: “At Ellenor we care about life and helping families to make the most of every second, and this equipment will really help families to enjoy special moments together." 

Support for the package at Ellenor came from GamesAid, Microsoft, Khoo Teck Puat, Gavelkind Lodge, the Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent and Welling Roundtable some of which attended the special celebration.


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