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Thanks to a generous donation from the NEWT Fund, Lifelites were able to deliver a bundle of smart TV’s for the children at Little Bridge House in Devon. Frank Handscombe, Trustee of the NEWT Fund, accompanied by Barry White, Devon’s Provincial Charity Steward went along with Lifelites Chief Executive to deliver the special package.

The televisions have built in DVD players and will be placed in each child’s room. In addition to this, there is also a 48 inch smart TV on a special portable ‘wheelie’ stand to move in and around the rooms for fun film nights that everyone can enjoy whilst the small TV's will be mounted on the walls with angle poise brackets so children can watch the tele whatever position they lie in in bed.   The TV’s will help the hospice to create a “home from home” environment for children and their families giving them the opportunity to enjoy spending quality time together and being entertained by watching their favourite films and TV programmes.

Tracey Fream, Director of Care at Little Bridge House said:  “When you are looked after everything depends on when your carer can do things for you - they get you up, they put you to bed - these TVs will give the children more choices.  If they fancy having a film night with their friends in the next room, we can open up the partition and they can all see the big TV together.  Or if they are at end of life, they may not want to get out of bed or just want a quiet day, we will be able to angle the TVs so they can see them lying down.  It's fantastic.”

Simone Enefer-Doy Chief Executive of Lifelites, said: “We’re so pleased to be able to provide these TV’s for the children at Little Bridge House and provide entertainment for them. Thank you to the NEWT Fund without their support we wouldn’t have been able to provide this vital equipment.”


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