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Lifelites delivers magical technology for children at Ipswich Children’s Hospice

Fri 12th Feb 2016 

We had an incredible two days training over 20 hospice staff on the brand new package of magical technology we installed for the children at East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH) The Treehouse in Ipswich. For the first time in Lifelites’ history, (amongst other specialist equipment) we provided two Eyegaze packages; one that will be used for the children using the hospice; the other for their Transition project helping young people who leave the care of their hospice. 

Stephanie Graham, EACH Care Manager at The Treehouse, said “What’s great is that Lifelites is bringing the expertise to us. Now we’re looking at how we can really embed these new technologies into our care programmes; it’s changing the way we think about how we can develop our care for the children.”

A number of guests and supporters attended the special celebration of the new package from Lifelites, including Bill Bunn, Suffolk Freemason and long-time Lifelites technical volunteer at EACH Ipswich who spent the day with the hospice staff being trained on all the new kit. Bill said: “The new technology has changed beyond recognition from what Lifelites provided in the early days.  Now it is really aimed at enhancing the children’s experience with the latest technology.”

Roger Nash from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Suffolk also attended the event and experienced the magical technology in its entirety. He was amazed as he tested out the new Eyegaze package and said:  “To me the beauty of the equipment really is the fact that it is the most up to date technology available that is adaptable for children whatever their disabilities so there’s something in there to suit every child.”





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