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Lifelites #magicaltechnology Children's Hospice Conference 2015 Report

The 2015 Lifelites Hospice Staff Conference was held in May at the Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust head office just outside Birmingham.

Our aim: To start the conversation with staff from hospices which are due a new package from Lifelites in 2016 about what may be available to them next year and to link the technology and equipment to the requirements of the young people at their hospices.

Staff from children’s hospices across the British Isles had the opportunity to discuss the impact and difference the Lifelites technology makes to the children they work with.  We were also keen to hear from them what we could do to develop the equipment and services we provide to better meet the requirements of their children. Staff viewed new equipment demonstrations and put in requests for some of the magical technology they thought would benefit the young people they care for. 

Key dicussion points:

Communication between Lifelites and hospice staff
Training and Development

Have a read of our report about our plans to build on our relationship with children's hospice staff in the future:

Lifelites #magicaltechnology Children's Hospice Conference 2015 Report


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