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Lifelites’ magical technology opens up a whole new world for children at West Yorkshire Children’s Hospice

After installing a brand new package of specialist technology for the children at Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, Lifelites Training Manager delivered training to the care staff on the 22nd October on a number of magical items including: Touchscreen PC’s, Eyegaze, assistive mice, the Makey Makey, Cameras and Printer, Head Mouse, specialist iPads and the new portable Magic Carpet – one of the first hospices to receive this from Lifelites.

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The Magic Carpet helps the children escape the confines of their illness by projecting interactive games and images onto the floor that users with little or no mobility can play with simply by moving on or over the picture. It brings the outside world to them by giving them the chance to splash in the sea, fly a plane or play football with their brothers and sisters, irrespective of their disabilities.  The best thing about this equipment is that it is portable which means the hospice community team can take the Magic Carpet to the children to use in their own homes.

Staff at the hospice had lots of fun at the training and when playing with the Magic Carpet said: "We can have it in the sensory room but then we can easily wheel it out.  Lifting it off the wheel is great and going to be really easy to get on the back seat of the car to take it on home visits.  That's fab."

Claire Holdsworth, Head of Care at Forget Me Not said: “Lots of our work is out at the children’s homes so that’s why we are so pleased to have all the portable technologies.  The portable magic carpet is terrific – just what we needed.”

Support for the package at Forget Me Not came from West Riding Masonic Charities, Revere Charitable Trust, Khoo Teck Puat, Microsoft and GamesAid.


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