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June Magical Moments

Fri 3rd Jul 2020 

Magical Patrons

We have some incredibly exciting news! This month we welcomed a magical new patron, Robert Powell, to the Lifelites family. Robert Powell has enjoyed a lifelong career in TV and film and is well known for his leading roles in Holby City and The Detectives. We're so pleased to have him onboard, he explained how fortunate he feels to be able to play with his grandchildren and would like life-limited and disabled children to have the same opportunity. We're absolutely sure that with him on our team, we'll be better able to give even more children the chance to play and control something for themselves. 

Robert Powell

Our magical patron, Sarah Ezekiel, took part in an interview with news channel CNN International. She uses every opportunity she gets to share her story and perfectly demonstrates the importance of assistive technology. She is a truly inspiring woman & Lifelites is so thankful to have her as a patron!

Magical Supporters 

We'd like to celebrate an incredibly dedicated bunch of supporters, for which we feel extremely lucky to have. This year, the Jersey Masons have donated a whopping £40,000 to Lifelites. 

With their support, we're able to donate assistive technology to Oakwell and Jersey Hospice Care. Thanks to them, life-limited and disabled children using hospice services across Jersey get the chance to do things they never thought possible.  

THANK YOU Jersey Freemasons

Magical fundraising 

As life-limited and disabled children are particularly vulnerable during the Covid19 outbreak, we've been making an extra special effort to raise funds. During lock down we've all had a taste of what it feels like to be isolated from our family and friends, but for many of these children isolation is something that they battle with every day. We need your support more than ever to sustain our work for these children. If you'd like to donate please contact us for our bank details or click here

Children 's Hospice Week - Madison (3)

Magical children's hospice week 

We celebrated Children's Hospice week by raising awareness of our work and talking about the magical technology that we donate to all children's hospices across the British Isles. We also shared the stories of some of the wonderful children that benefit from our service, such as Madison who has chronic lung disease, a weak immune system and is oxygen dependent. She has to use a feeding tube and has survived open heart surgery, but our donated Magic Carpet allows her to forget all that and just enjoy life! 

Magical small charity week 

It was also Small Charities Week! As a small charity, we know that small charities have to work twice as hard to raise the awareness and funds to do the work that they love. Small charities have a big heart and we couldn't be prouder to be one. We love the work that we do to give limited lives unlimited possibilities, and would like to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters for making the impossible possible!

Magical carers week

We also celebrated Carers Week by sharing stories about how carers use their creativity and our diverse technology to create magical moments for the children that they care for. We are in awe of carers who provide love, diligence, attention and expertise every single day. We'd like to say a big thank you for bringing our magical technology to life so that life-limited and disabled children using hospice services can communicate, play and control something for themselves. 

Magical technology 

If you're a supporter of Lifelites you are probably well aware of some of our long-standing pieces of kit, such as the Magic Carpet and EyeGaze. However, did you know that we now include GoPros as part of our package of life enhancing technology? The GoPro is an amazing way to capture the magical moments made by life-limited and disabled children visiting children's hospices. For the parents of these children, it can be nerve wracking to leave their child in the care of others, but the GoPro offers some reassurance and ensures they don't miss a moment. Read about Derian House's beautiful moments with our magical technology and the children they care for. 

Go Pro _Derian House3


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