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July's magical moments

Wed 1st Aug 2018 

This month our training team have been busy teaching staff at children’s hospices around the British Isles on how to get the most out of the magical technology packages that Lifelites donates. Meanwhile back at the office, the team have been astounded by the high level of donations from our magical supporters.

Magical fundraising

Earlier this month our magical supporters, the BMJ (British Medical Journal) held a concert in aid of Lifelites. As one of their chosen charities, the concert is one of many fundraising activities that they have planned throughout the year. So far, they’ve put on bake sales and pantomimes, as you can imagine we can’t wait to see what they organise next!

Page 16 17 BMJ Option 3

We have even more fundraising news to share with you this month; last Christmas Lifelites was fortunate to be invited for a third time, to partner with the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of Freemasons on a Christmas fundraising appeal. The donations have been counted, and we are thrilled to announce that £29,871.77 has been raised from this appeal alone, totalling an incredible £90,000 raised to date. These vital funds will support our work donating assistive technology to children with life-limiting illnesses and disabilities in hospices across London.

We would like to say a big thank you to the BMJ, the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of Freemasons and all our incredibly generous supporters who have fundraised for and raised awareness of Lifelites this month. We just couldn’t continue our work without the support of our magical fundraisers.

Magical children’s hospice

Earlier this month the training team visited Haven House in London and LauraLynn in Ireland to deliver refresher training to the staff who work there. The training sessions ensure that the hospice staff know how to get the most out of the equipment that Lifelites donates, to make each visit a little bit more magical for the children that they care for. The refresher training is completely free of charge, so if you work at a children’s hospice and feel that your staff would benefit from some refresher training, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Caroline our training manager on  for more details.



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