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January's magical moments

Fri 1st Feb 2019 

Magical installations

With no time to lose, we kick started off the year with our first round of installations. We visited the magical Hope House, where we met 2-year-old Amelia whose favourite toy was the magic carpet, and Ava who loved to play with the switches.

Amelia 3

In other installation news, despite the heavy snow we triumphantly made it to Derian House in Chorley. While there, we met some teenagers who were eager to get hold of the latest adaptive controllers and games consoles.

At Lifelites we want all life-limited and disabled children across the British Isles to have access to the magical technology packages that we donate. We want to reach beyond the 60 children’s hospices that we already work with, to deliver more magic, to more children. That’s why we made an extra special donation drop to the Children’s Trust in Tadworth, who provide specialist care to children with brain injury and neurodisability. 

Scott Harris, Senior Specialist Teaching Assistant said: “The Eyegaze equipment that Lifelites has given us enables children to play, communicate and encourages engagement. It allows them to have fun, express their emotions and make their own choices. Several of our young people use the iPads, donated by Lifelites, to great effect in a band, CedarSuperSound, which can be seen on YouTube.”

We can’t wait to hear CedarSuperSounds next hit!

Magical technology

With a new year, comes new opportunities. So, our CEO Simone Enefer-Doy and the Lifelites team went on a mission to find out what new technologies will become available in 2019.  And what better place to seek inspiration than the Bett show, the worlds biggest education technology event! It was an impressive event, made even more special when we received a shout out from Hector Minto, Microsoft technology evangelist, during his talk on the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It didn’t go unnoticed that all the major companies seem to be competing in the accessibility market, so unsurprisingly the team left the Bett show feeling excited for the future of assistive technology.


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