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Fri 2nd Aug 2019 

We’re delighted to announce our newest patron is Games Education Expert and a leading name in the video games industry, Dr Siobhan Thomas.

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Lifelites has partnered with Siobhan for the last six years on the Enable Gaming project, which sees university students design video games for life-limited and disabled children using children’s hospice services, every one of which is supported by Lifelites.

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This is the only project of its kind in the country, and is an innovative way of encouraging game developers of the future to consider accessibility. Lifelites knows that gaming has been shown to be hugely beneficial for children and young people in hospices. It can help them develop social skills and build relationships with their brothers, sisters and friends, as well as relieve isolation and improve their confidence. Gaming consoles and accessible gaming equipment forms an essential part of Lifelites technology donations, and people like Siobhan are leading the way when it comes to ensuring that there are games available for life-limited children with disabilities.

When speaking of the Enable Gaming project, Siobhan said: “This project is amazing on so many fronts. It’s not just a university assignment, it provides students with the type of life lessons that are impossible to replicate in a classroom. It has the power to change lives.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without Lifelites and it’s incredible to see the enthusiasm that the organisation has for gaming, and the benefits it has for children with disabilities. They’ve really kept up with recent developments in technology and I’m so glad to be working with them.”


Thanks to her great work in the industry, Siobhan has been recognised as one of the top 30 women in games by MCV. She is also part of a number of gaming organisations: she heads up the London Chapter of the International Game Developers Association and sits on the Board of Women in Games.

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Simone Enefer-Doy, Lifelites chief executive, said: “We are delighted to have someone of Siobhan’s calibre on board.  She’s an expert in her field and we’re very lucky to have her support. Gaming can have such a huge positive impact on children and young people in hospice and we can’t wait to see what the students come up with next.”

If you work in the gaming industry like Siobhan, you may be able to help us win vital funding. In order to help give more children in hospices the opportunity to game, Lifelites has begun donating its Mobile Games Hubs. These portable units are packed full of accessible gaming equipment and can be taken wherever the child is, even if they can’t get out of bed. However, we need more funding to donate these and if you work in the gaming industry you can sign up to GamesAid, the charity of the UK gaming industry, and vote for us. Read more about the GamesAid vote here.


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