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Derian House creating magic with our donated technology

Mon 15th Jun 2020 

A Magical Letter From Derian House:


"The Lifelites donated equipment has been amazing. We are so thankful for every piece of technology in the package, it all gets used throughout the hospice. The Mobile Magic Carpet is a big hit. It enables our children and young people to react to the motion pictures even with the smallest movement, giving them such a sense of achievement and confidence that they can control what happens by their reactions. As we know, unfortunately, this is in many parts of their lives not the case. Our Friday night club for the over 14s love the mobile Xbox, and ask for it when it has not been put out. They are then crowding around, playing games against each other, promoting friendships and conversations.

Escaping isolation during Covid-19

As the Mobile Magic Carpet, Xbox entertainment cabinet and iPads are all mobile, it means that we can move them very easily around the hospice. We can use them in bedrooms if a child is not able to come out, which at the moment with Covid-19 is the case. Having these mobile pieces of equipment has proved to be so important. With being a charity ourselves it means that without Lifelites' donations we would not be able to provide these ranges of technology and activities to our children and young people to enjoy. 

The Mobile Magic Carpet is working  wonders

Claire van Opstal, Play Specialist: ‘We have one young man that comes in for respite with us, his condition means that he cannot see much at all, is non-verbal and has sensory processing difficulties. He is able to move about on the floor independently. Because of his visual impairment, he loves going towards light, and when in a room, he will take himself straight towards the window and sit there. He can get very stressed and frustrated and hits out a lot at himself by banging things on his head or hitting his arms on his thighs. One day, when he was particularly struggling, we got the Mobile Magic Carpet out and shut all the curtains. Within a few minutes of just letting him explore it by himself, he had calmed down and was laughing to himself and letting staff interact with him. He did not move off the Mobile Magic Carpet, just crawling around on it, listening to the sounds it was making. There are not many activities that this young man will happily participate in, but the Magic Carpet has proved to be a vital piece of equipment for him. It keeps him calm and happy.’

 Magic Carpet _Derian House2  Magica Carpet _Derian House1

‘The equipment we had donated by Lifelites has been hugely beneficial to how we do our job and the range of things we can offer. Recently we had a young baby staying with us who couldn’t move around the building, therefore was unable to access some of our facilities like the sensory room. But with the donation of a Mobile Magic Carpet from Lifelites, we were able to take the sensory room to them. The family of the young baby were amazed by the Magic Carpet and loved using it. Without the donation of this peace of kit we would have been unable to offer this activity and the family would have missed out on creating a very enjoyable memory.’ Arron Taylor, Activity Worker

Connecting through accessible gaming

“Social media and online gaming are such an important part of the young people’s lives, especially to ease social isolation. By having access to the equipment provided by Lifelites they are able to keep in touch with friends and don’t have to worry about losing track of their gaming during their respite stays.” Mel Lowe, Youth Worker

                         Play Station _Derian House 

Capturing moments that last forever

The cameras that Lifelites donated are a vital part of life at Derian House. We love capturing every moment of the child or young person’s stay, so that we can fill out the child’s diary of their stay. These diaries go home filled with photos for their parents to see and many of them treasure these as they are precious memories. Parents love to see what their child has been up to, and to see photos of their child smiling and laughing whilst with us on very important respite stay. It is so reassuring to families, as it can be very worrying for a parent to leave their child with other people, especially when they have a very complex need.

The GoPro that we got as part of our package has proved popular on our trips to the chill factor to do disability ski trip. The young people love wearing the GoPro on their helmets or chest to film themselves coming down the slope, which they can then take home and relive the moment and replay to family and friends their achievements. 

Go Pro _Derian House3  

‘Lifelites also donated a GoPro which we use on a trip to the chill factor in Manchester with a group of young people who used the GoPro to record their experience. Each of them managed to use it on their runs on the slope and loved being able to share that experience with others’ Arron Taylor, Activity Worker.

We thank you so much for this donation of all the equipment, it really does enhance the children and young people respite stays with us, allowing them to keep in touch with friends and family, make memories and most importantly have fun whilst at Derian House!   



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