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December's Magical Moments

Fri 7th Jan 2022 

Magical Jingle Jam

During December, Lifelites was one of the chosen charity partners for the world’s biggest video game fundraising event, Jingle Jam. A fantastic games collection including over 50 games was offered in exchange for a donation of £35 or more. In addition to this, for the first time ever in Jingle Jam’s history, anyone could set up their own Jingle Jam stream and fundraise on behalf of a charity.

Lifelites is delighted to announce that over £211,000 was raised on our behalf, with a massive £120,000 coming via public fundraisers who chose Lifelites as their chosen charity.

We are incredible grateful for this overwhelming support and amazing amount raised which will help us to continue to donate our life-changing technology and services for life-limited and disabled children using children’s hospice services across the British Isles.


Magical Events

At the beginning of December, Lifelites was welcomed as the special guest of City Livery Club President Shai Umradia at the Club’s Festive Luncheon at the Fishmongers’ Hall in London. We had a great time, showcasing all our magical technology and enjoyed the opportunity to chat to all the Livery company representatives in attendance. As you can see below, our CEO Simone loved showing off our POD Sensory Tent!