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Thu 16th Aug 2018 

Do you work in the video games industry? Could you take two minutes to vote for Lifelites to win funding from GamesAid, the charity of the UK gaming industry?

Every year GamesAid members raise hundreds of thousands of pounds, and then vote for their favourite charities to receive a portion of it. Last year Lifelites was lucky enough to be selected as one of these charities and received a cheque for nearly £70,000.

GamesAid donations have been crucial in helping support our work, donating magical technology to children and young people at every children’s hospice service across the British Isles. This technology can give these children opportunities they never dreamed of. They can play games with their friends, be creative with art and music, control something for themselves and communicate, perhaps for the very first time.


Some of the most popular technology we donate is games consoles, along with accessible games and equipment. Gaming has so many benefits for children and young people with disabilities, it can help them develop social skills and form valuable bonds with their peers. It can also help relieve isolation and increase confidence. Hospice staff tell us that it is an essential part of the service they provide.

We can only continue to support children in hospices with funding from organisations like GamesAid. Thanks to them, we have now started to provide Virtual Reality (VR) to young people in hospices. Through the use of VR, young people with life-limiting illnesses and disabilities can do things they never thought possible. They can fly a spaceship, swim with dolphins, go on safari, or sit beneath the Northern Lights, all within the safety of the hospice.  

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Please help us continue to change lives by voting for Lifelites. If you are already a GamesAid member, you will have received an electronic voting card. If you are not a member but work in the gaming industry, you can sign up (for free) by following this link:


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