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Christmas comes early for children at Worcestershire hospice thanks to Lifelites

Wed 16th Dec 2015 

Our last installation and training day for staff of 2015 found us in the Midlands at Acorns for the Three Counties. This is the third time we’ve been back there to deliver a new package of magical technology for the children who are cared for at the hospice.

The new package included a number of magical items such as Touchscreen PC’s,  assistive mice, and games, the Makey Makey, Cameras and Printer, Head Mouse, Beamz with a laptop, the Lifelites Specialist iPads,  the mobile Magic Carpet and Eyegaze.  Sally Parsons who is a long term care worker at Acorns was so excited to see all the equipment and said:  “You can get blinded by the number of things on the table! There are just so many choices for us to use with the children.” 

Eyegaze, an eye tracking devise helps children to communicate in ways in which care staff and their parents never thought possible. One of the staff in training said: “What our children can do with Eyegaze is fantastic; for the first time they can show their carers where it hurts.”

Staff said they had an old version of Beamz but it had never been out of the cupboard because they did not know how to use it. The latest version of Beamz donated by Lifelites is wireless and can be used with a number of different assistive switches to make music.  Now Caroline, Lifelites training manager, has provided comprehensive training for the care team are raring to use and even say they could ‘have a whole Acorns orchestra'. 


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