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GamesAid: 3 Reasons to Vote for Lifelites

Wed 3rd Sep 2014 

This September, if you work in the games industry you can help us win the GamesAid vote. Here's why you should vote for Lifelites!

1. We put gaming at the heart of everything we do
Sally, who works at Acorns in Worcester, told us that gaming was the most important aspect of their Lifelites project. She said: "Some disabilities will severely limit the opportunities these boys have to interact. Gaming changes that: it allows them to come out of their shells, encourages them to use their imagination and helps develop their social skills."

2. Wherever you are in the country there's a Lifelites project near you
Lifelites has a project in all 49 children’s hospices in the UK and Ireland. This means over 9,000 children across the country have access to technology tailored to the particular needs of their disabilities and illnesses.

3. We're working with the industry to make games with disabled young people
Our Enable Gaming project with London South Bank University is a world first. We're getting youngsters in hospices to team up with students to make great accessible games that anyone would want to play. We need the GamesAid money, but we also love meeting and working directly with people in the industry too!

Feeling inspired?
If you work in the games industry you can make something really special happen for children in hospices this year. 
To vote for your charity from the selection below, please mail:

Voting opened at 12 noon on Thursday 4th September and will last for one week closing at 12 noon on Thursday 11th September (votes after will not be counted).

With your vote, you must include:

1) Your name

2) Your GamesAid user name (join here, or login here to reset your password)

3) The email address you registered with

4) The name of the charity LIFELITES



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