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August's magical moments

Thu 3rd Sep 2020 

Magical Technology 

This month, Bryan from our tech team has been delivering adaptive tablets to life-limited and disabled children at The Children's Trust in Surrey thanks to the generous support of the Surrey Masons. He also delivered adaptive iPads to Zoe's Place in Coventry. With lockdown measures eased, it's been truly magical to be able to get back to delivering assistive technology. Not only does Lifelites donate technology, we also maintain it and train staff how to use it, all free of charge. So if you work in a children's hospice but feel like your staff would benefit from some extra training, or your tech needs some updating, please get in touch.  

IMG_0002  IMG_4813

We've had some lovely feedback from children's hospice staff during Covid-19. Staff have found that our adaptive iPads have been particularly useful because they allow virtual therapy and play sessions for children shielding at home. Moreover, the adaptive iPads help children to stay connected to one another, and celebrate magical moments such as birthdays and leaving parties. Staff at Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) said "the iPads have been invaluable to children in isolation". This is a time where accessibility matters the most and equipment such as the iPad, Eyegaze and Magic Carpet are designed to be completely portable, allowing children to play safely in their own homes. If you'd like to help support our mission to enrich the lives of life-limited and disabled children by providing them with the latest assistive and inclusive technologies, you can donate by clicking here


Magical Patrons 

She's only gone and done it again! The brilliant Sarah Ezekiel took part in an interview with CNN International as part of their Tech for Good series. During the interview, Sarah talks about her journey from diagnosis to internationally recognised artist and the vital role that technology played in creating a new life for herself. We're really proud to have Sarah as a patron, her work to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those living with disability, and her ability to demonstrate the magical possibilities of assistive technology is invaluable. You can watch her interview here

Magical Fundraising 

We've been promoting Give as you Live because it's an incredibly easy and completely free way to donate money to charity. Give as you Live donates money to charity with every online purchase you make via their platform, it really is that simple! You can donate money to Lifelites by selecting us as your chosen charity, so whether you're ordering a takeaway, buying some toiletries or doing a food shop, you can magically raise funds for us too. Sign up here.

We'd like to give a special shout-out to the F B Coales No 4 (Family) Trust in Kent for their kind donation, their donation means that we can continue to be kind to life-limited and disabled children and young people who receive care from Ellenor hospice. 

Magical Awareness Days 

We took part in International Youth Day, a day to celebrate young peoples' voices, actions and initiatives. As a charity that aims to enrich the lives of 99,000 of the British Isles most vulnerable children and young people, we were really happy to take part. All children should have the chance to communicate, play and control something for themselves, and the magical technology that we donate does exactly that. 

Happy International Youth Day



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