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August's magical moments

Sat 1st Sep 2018 

August has been a fantastic month, we welcomed the new CEO of Together for Short Lives into our office, rallied for votes with Gamesaid and sent out invites for this year’s magical celebration! Yet again the training team have been busy, visiting children’s hospices and reviewing our magical equipment.


Magical partnerships  

Earlier this month we were pleased to welcome Andy Fletcher, the new CEO of Together for Short Lives into our office to meet the team. Lifelites is a member of Together for Short Lives, a charity that works to support life limited children, their families and the sector at large. They are quite simply magical, existing to support children and their families at every stage from diagnosis to bereavement support. We look forward to working closely with Andy and his team and wish him the best of luck in his new role. If you would like to find out more about Together for Short Lives, please click here.

IMG 0350


Magical supporters

Earlier this year Lifelites was delighted to be short listed for a funding award with GamesAid. GamesAid is a charity that seeks to harness the talents and energy of the gaming industry to raise money for great causes, and one of those great causes just so happen to be us! Every year members of the games industry propose and vote for the charities of their choice and the charities that get the top number of votes then get an equal share of all the monies raised that year. So, this month the Lifelites team have been busy campaigning for votes and we can’t wait to find out if all our hard work has paid off. Fingers crossed!


Magical celebrations

After every donation Lifelites likes to hold celebrations at each hospice to recognise what has been achieved and to invite staff, families and external guests to view the technology.

We kick start the year by researching the latest technologies, before holding consultations with the children’s hospice to ascertain what pieces of equipment they need the most. Then we turn our attention to fundraising, so that we can go on to buy the equipment, which is then donated, ensuring that all equipment is installed, and staff trained. As we are nearing the end of another magical year, this month we have been busy sending out invitations in preparation of this year’s magical celebrations. If there is a donation happening near you, please visit us. You can find a link to this year’s projects here.   

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Magical children’s hospice

August has been a particularly busy month for our training team who visited two magical children’s hospices, Julia’s House in Dorset and Shakespeare in Warwickshire, to do refresher training. Refresher training is our way of ensuring that hospice staff know how to get the most out of the magical technology packages that we donate, it is completely free and an essential part of our service. If you work at a children’s hospice and feel as though you could do with some refresher training, our trainers Katherine and Caroline would love to hear from you. Send an email today to


Magical technology

The training team also held a review of all this year’s equipment; to learn how to use it, to ensure it works as it should and to identify any issues. The latest developments in assistive technology has left the Lifelites team incredibly excited, with a click of a button the new virtual reality sets can transport you to another world or immerse those with minimal mobility into a game of volley ball, with only a slight tip of the head needed to control the game. Children and young people who love the Xbox but find the controls too fiddly will be pleased to use the new Xbox adaptive controller. We have had a great time testing out the new items, and we can’t wait for everyone to have the chance to use it and join in on the fun!

Shay On The Virtual Reality With His Dad


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