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St Oswald's Got Game thanks to Lifelites

Thu 20th Sep 2012 

Children at a North East children's hospice have access to state-of-the-art fun and educational technology thanks to Lifelites, after the national technology charity installed their latest package yesterday.

The package, which includes training for care staff and ongoing maintenance and technical support, includes some of the very latest gaming technology and software which the charity says is ideal for improving the children’s communication and social skills, as well as their confidence and creativity.

Simone Enefer-Doy, the Lifelites chief executive, said, “Whatever the media says about the negative impact gaming has on the youth of today, Lifelites know better. We hear stories all the time of children at our projects in hospices using our packages to develop their social skills, stay fit and make friends. And that’s not the positive image of gaming the media want people to see; they just don’t seem to understand its importance, particularly to the children in hospices with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.”

Jackie Bolam, Children & Young Adults Service Manager at St Oswald’s, said: “The gaming technology is really well used by all the children and young adults who use our services. This kind of technology gives our children and young adults the opportunity to learn new skills, share experiences with their peers and to enhance their experience while they’re staying at the Hospice. Lifelites has been vital in ensuring that we at St Oswald’s have access to great technology and we’re extremely grateful for their support.”

Gaming is central to the Lifelites package. The everyday lives of these children are dictated by their disabilities and strict regimes for medication, and meal times – gaming helps them to escape from all that. It also helps them to make friends at the hospice so they can have a social life too.


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