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Mon 11th Feb 2013 

New sites excited about special technologies and Flight Simulator

Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, Children with Cancer and other Lifelites donors help to give children in hospices the time of their lives.

Thanks to Thomas Cook Children’s Charity (TCCC), Children with Cancer and some other generous donors, 2013 has got off to a flying start for Lifelites.  Part of the funds from last year’s TCCC donation has been spent on the equipment for eight brand new projects for Lifelites including children’s hospices in Dublin and Sunderland, the three baby hospice (Zoë’s Places) and three Hop, Skip and Jump respite centres.  All of these packages will be installed by May this year.

The special equipment and software and games forming from the TCCC donation have gone down a storm and are helping to give children the time of their lives.

Marc Johnson, Centre Supervisor at Hop, Skip and Jump – Cotswolds, said, “Developing hand/eye co-ordination is particularly important for our children and that is what the Flight Simulator will help to do.  It will also give them a sense of freedom…Lots of our parents don’t take their children on planes – either it’s too difficult with their big chair and health demands, or they are simply reluctant because their child’s behaviour is too difficult to manage.  Some of our children will never leave their own communities so this is about using virtual reality to experience things they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to do.”

“With a reaction like this, I just can’t wait to hear what the other new sites think of everything we’re going to give them!” said Lifelites Chief Executive Simone Enefer-Doy.  “Seeing what an impact our packages can make really makes it all worthwhile for us and we can’t thank our donors enough for help us to help these children’s dreams come true.”



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