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Lifelites Turns Up the Volume

Sat 8th Sep 2012 

Martin House in Yorkshire will become the first children’s hospice to have run its own radio project. Thanks to Lifelites – a charity that puts technology for children into all the UK children’s hospices – ‘Lodge Radio’ (run by the young people who stay at Martin House Lodge) will be broadcast throughout the hospice from the 5th September.

Lifelites are no strangers to innovation as their chief executive, Simone Enefer-Doy, explained, “We were declared Digital Leaders at the National Digital Conference earlier this year in recognition of innovative approach to disability. That’s because we always strive to give the hospice and the children exactly what they want: whatever their needs, we find the technological solution for it. This is a great example of that.”

Caroline, a music therapist at Martin House, said, “The radio project is important because it will help the young people we care for to become more confident, enable them to create something special together and, most importantly, to have fun.  They have already started to record jingles and are looking forward to learning how to become presenters.”

As with all Lifelites projects the care staff at Martin House will benefit from training, expertise and the ongoing maintenance provided by the Lifelites technical support service at no cost to the hospice. Local community station Tempo FM have offered  their expertise to get this radio project off the ground.

The package also includes state-of-the-art technology such as the Eye-Gaze, which enables children with severely limited movement to play computer games and communicate, and two Apple i-Pads which are more mobile than a conventional computer or laptop and designed with accessibility in mind, offering a large range of games and software ideal for children with disabilities.

Simone explained, “This cutting edge technology is becoming an increasingly central part of our package. But it wouldn’t be possible without donations: each Lifelites package costs around £37,500 to install and maintain over four years.”

The radio element of the Lifelites project was funded by the Cable and Wireless Foundation,

The Thomas Cook Children's Charity have provided funding towards all new Lifelites projects across the UK for 2012, including September's installation at Martin House.


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