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Lifelites Celebrate Chancellor’s Vision for the UK Gaming Industry

Fri 23rd Mar 2012 

There’s an awful lot of number-crunching to be done as the dust settles on George Osborne’s second budget. But, as the Chancellor made his historic journey from Downing Street to the despatch box in the House of Commons, some technology charities were already feeling optimistic.

“It’s great news for charities like ours,” said Simone Enefer-Doy, the Lifelites’ Chief Executive of Lifelites’ the award-winning charity that provides fun and educational technology for children in children’s hospices throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“Gaming and the gaming industry are central to the work we do,” she continued, “We already know that gaming makes children more creative. But it also changes the lives of children with profound learning disabilities.”

“And that’s really important,” she continued, “Gaming isn’t just about teenage boys in bedrooms anymore. Games are being used in our projects all over the country as a means of giving terminally ill and disabled children the chance to express themselves, and to take some form of control.”

Simone said, “We’d like the Chancellor to go further: let’s use Britain’s place at the forefront of technology to make Britain accessible, and let’s start that revolution with games for children with disabilities.”

Lifelites were announced as a charity partner of gaming industry’s charity GamesAid last year.


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