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King of Shaves Angus Takes Bald Step for Lifelites

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 

Trichophobics should look away now – a sponsored shave of Angus, a Newham Council worker, has raised enough money for a brand new iPad for children with severe disabilities in a local hospice.

Sat in the middle of a room filled with enthusiastic onlookers, Angus braced himself as colleagues Holly and Anne-Marie took the clippers to the Highway Works Promoter’s red hair and beard with the sort of gusto that would be more familiar to Dolly the Sheep than Vidal Sassoon. Angus, who last shaved for a walk on part in a cockney gangster film said, “I wanted to raise money for a children’s charity and Lifelites seemed like the perfect fit.

I can’t believe that we raised enough money to purchase an iPad, and it’s been great to hear how it’ll be put to use by the children who need it most.” Deri Jones, who attended the shave on behalf of Lifelites, said, “We absolutely weren’t expecting to receive an iPad today.

The children will love it, and it’s an amazing fundraising effort for a sponsored shave. Tablets are the future of Lifelites technology projects: touch screens mean that even the most disabled children can get involved with computers and have opportunities to get creative and communicate with their friends and family.”

The iPad, which will complement an existing Lifelites project in a nearby children’s hospice, forms part of Lifelites’ award winning technology package specially designed for children with disabilities that includes state-of-the-art gaming consoles and easy-to-use filming equipment.


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