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Lifelites Levels Up in Defence of Gaming - Again

Fri 1st Feb 2013 

The debate that won’t die received a last gasp power-up this week as the head of EA Games, John Riccitiello, was forced into iron-man mode to discuss the causal link between gaming and violence.

Lifelites have been here before: you may remember that we wrote a letter to the Evening Standard to record our anger and boredom with the same old streets of rage we’ve been treading since Pac Man was a lad.

The truth is there is no evidence to back up the claims that video games create villains. Not only is there no real-life equivalent to Doctor Robotnik or Shy Guys but our experience is that video games - whatever their content - are fundamentally good.

We know this because every aspect of our technology packages is geared towards helping children in hospices break down barriers and reducing isolation of disabled and seriously ill children. Nothing does this quite like video games.

At Acorns in Worcester, for example, groups of boys stay up all hours, thrashing each other at football, exploring new worlds and racing expensive cars. Just behaving like any other teenage boys, enjoying games and forging friendships.

Sally at the hospice told us, “Most of the care staff don’t play games, so for the boys it really is ‘their’ thing. That's really important - it means they can make friends and socialise on their own terms.”

We couldn’t say it much better than that.

So, how do we defeat these modern-day Wario and Waluigis? Every end of level boss has his weakness - perhaps we should just walk away.



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