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Lifelites @ Grace House

Sat 20th Jul 2013 

The new package includes a Soundbeam which provides a medium through which profoundly physically or learning impaired individuals can become expressive and communicative using music and sound. The sense of control and independence which this provides can be a powerful motivator, stimulating learning and interaction in other areas as well.

For a child who is unable to communicate, to speak, eat or clothe themselves, having control over any aspect of their lives must seem an impossible dream.  But thanks to magical technology, like iPads with drop proof covers and special speaking apps, Lifelites can help these young people to do something for themselves, often for the first time ever.  The amazing headmouse gives those children who are unable to move their arms the chance to use a computer just like any other child.

Lifelites chief executive Simone Enefer-Doy said: “It’s always exciting to be involved at the beginning with a new children’s hospice and we’re sure our technological expertise will become a central part of the care Grace House provide. We never just give the equipment and walk away from a hospice: our ongoing technical support and training is there so whilst they look after the children, we’ll make sure the equipment is kept in good working order for these children for whom every second counts.”

The charity says that Lifelites equipment and support will cost around £35,700 over the next four years but Grace House won’t have to pay a penny towards it. Instead, Lifelites has been supported by the Clothworkers’ Foundation, the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity and the Freemasons’ Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham.


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