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April's magical moments

Thu 3rd May 2018 

We meet so many inspiring individuals as we deliver our services to children in hospices, such as Eyegaze artist Sarah Ezekiel, who features in this month’s magical moments.

Magical supporters

We were absolutely delighted to announce in April that Eyegaze artist Sarah Ezekiel has joined Lifelites as our newest patron. Sarah was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) – a degenerative disease which affects the nervous system – in April 2000. Despite her diagnosis, Sarah was determined not to let MND stop her doing what she loves, so when she lost the use of her hands she started using Eyegaze to create beautiful pieces of art.

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You can read more here

Magical children’s hospice experiences

The Lifelites team travelled far and wide in April to deliver training for our magical technology. Training is a vital part of the service we offer as it ensures that the children’s hospice staff can get the most out of the technology we donate for the life-limited and disabled children they care for.

April saw the team travelling to Bedfordshire, Staffordshire, the Isle of Wight and even the Isle of Man. Here’s some of the feedback the Lifelites training team received:

“A fabulous training session, I wouldn’t have changed a thing”

“This technology has the capacity to be used with children with a full range of abilities, the training has really given me an insight to how I could use it to its full effect.”

Magical technology

In April we received the incredible news that Lifelites has named in this year’s Digital Leaders 100, a prestigious list of individuals and organisations championing digital transformation in the UK. We have been specifically nominated for Digital Charity of the Year, but only the charity with the most votes will win the title.

If you’d like to find out more and vote for Lifelites, click here. The voting closes on May 11.


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