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April's Magical Moments

Sun 1st May 2022 

Magical Lifelites Live Campaign 


We're proud that Lifelites is the only charity to provide assistive technology to all children's hospices across the British Isles. However, this incredible achievement wouldn't be possible without our supporters, whose donations pay for the specialist equipment. Amazingly, around a third of the donations come from the Freemasons. We decided to go on a magical mission, to visit Freemasons around the British Isles, to showcase the life enhancing technology that they fund. You can follow our campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to see who we're visiting this week and what kind of tech we're playing with. 

Magical National Sibling Day 


Taking part in national sibling day is important to Lifelites, because it's a reminder that our assistive technology not only improves the wellbeing of disabled and life-limited children and provides a moment of much needed rest to the parents, but it also helps siblings to play and connect with each other. To celebrate this special day, we shared a photo that captured a magical moment of brothers, Finley and Jett, enjoying the POD sensory tent together. 

Magical World Autism Awareness Day 

POD Sensory Tent

Many of the children who visit children's hospices have autism, which is a condition that affects the way a child experiences the environment around them. Every child with autism is different and the variety of our magical technology allows a bespoke approach. However, as children with autism often struggle with sensory overload, our POD sensory tent is particularly popular. We've been told that children love it because it provides a safe, contained space for them. We're so happy that we can raise awareness of and contribute to the wellbeing of children with autism. 


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