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April's magical moments

Wed 1st May 2019 

Magical hospice visits

This month we were delighted to visit the wonderful Andy’s children's hospice in Grimsby, to deliver a magical package of assistive technology. Andy’s received the portable Mobile Magic Carpet which projects interactive images onto the floor, wheelchair tray or even a bed! Andy’s also received the sought-after Virtual Reality headset which gives children the opportunity to see and do things they never imagined. 

Young girl playing on the Mobile Magic Carpet

Lynn Andrews, director of clinical services of St Andrew’s Hospice, said: “We have patients here at Andy’s who are limited to just being able to move a finger but the technology donated from Lifelites means that they are able to play on their own. Children in wheelchairs can now experience what it is like to be on a rollercoaster or to walk along a beach – it is actually life-changing for them.” 

Magical supporters 

Without our supporters, the magical work that we do would not be possible. As a thank you, we like to visit community groups who have supported us, to show them the incredible impact their donation has on the lives of children in hospices and their loved ones. This month we visited the Freemasons at the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire to do just that! If you are a community group who have lent your support to Lifelites and would like us to come visit you too, please get in touch.

Magical team

We were pleased to welcome our newest member of staff, Daniel, who will be working as a hospice staff trainer in the South East. Having previously worked at children’s hospice EACH Milton, Daniel brings with him a wealth of experience.

New Lifelites team member Daniel at the annual conference

Our trainers play a vital role in delivering magical packages of assistive technology to disabled and life-limited children in hospices, by training staff on how to use the equipment. As we head towards our 20th anniversary, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our trainers, so we are really happy to have Daniel onboard. 


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